Stone Age: Azurite


Azurite is an incredibly potent stone. It is sometimes called the stone of heaven for its ability to facilitate profound healing, angelic contact, and its ability in opening a passageway to access higher realms. It alleviates worry and stress, quelling dis-ease that manifests in the mind. The dull tasks that fill the back of your mind, filling you with worry or anxiety without holding your conscious thought, are gently disintegrated, helping you to feel lighter and more in-tune with yourself. Azurite has a special connection to sound and touch, and it is good to have this stone on you during vocal performances, chanting, singing or healing ohms during yoga or meditation. It opens its owner up to new perspectives and ideas, and as a blue stone it is connected to the throat chakra. Azurite helps you to develop psychic abilities and is a good partner for journeying and dream traveling. It will help you to remember what you have learned and will help you articulate what you have learned so you can properly and effectively download it into your consciousness. This stone was connected to lost ancient civilizations like Atlantis, and also Egypt, China, Romans and more, and was valued as an impeccably powerful stone for the communities highest shamans, healers, guides and intuitives. These sages used it for its help in understanding the deepest secrets of life.


Azurite comes in bold shades of blue, from cobalt blue, to deep sapphire, to dark indigo with more of a violet hue, to azure, the colour it is named for. It may sometimes appear in lighter varieties, though this is not as common.


This stone likes to be touched. Simply rubbing its surface or touching it during times of stress will help dissolve troublesome thoughts. When touched, its energies are released more powerfully!