Stone Age: Aquamarine


Aquamarine is closely linked with the sea, and it carries with it soothing and therapeutic properties. It inspires us to speak our truth, and for any hidden truths to reveal themselves. It is a great stone to help you connect with another person on a deeper level, creating new and strong bonds. It is great to use after a new moon, when the moon begins waxing in the sky, because it is believed it can help predict future events during this time. Since the moon has a powerful connection with the ocean's tides, it is said that the moon has an extra powerful connection to this crystal as well. Aquamarine is also a reflective stone, and can help you see yourself more clearly, be that your strengths and weaknesses, or potentials and opportunities. It is also great for public speaking or for those who work in communications. It helps to banish any fears or anxieties around public speaking, replacing them with feelings of courage and excitement, allowing you to persuade others to your idea with conviction.


This stone gets its name from the sea, and its light blue to light green colour. It has partially transparent or translucent parts, and has a glassy-like look. Its colours can vary between dull yellow-like hues, to a bolder shade of cyan.


Aquamarine was once believed to be a gift from mermaids, and seafarers used to carry pieces of it on them for protection and good luck. It was believed it would carry them safely on their journeys, and help them reap great fishing or trading. Bring Aquamarine with you on any journeys overseas for protection and good luck.