Stone Age: Aqua Obsidian


Aqua Obsidian is an energy builder, attracting drive, passion and motivation, while helping to give your confidence a serious boost. It ignites an inner soul guidance, helping to steer you down a healthy path, so if you're feeling lost or unsure about your future or potential, seek out this stone to let your inner spirit guide you. Aqua Obsidian is a communication stone, and like many blue stones it is connected to the throat chakra. This can help open up and clear any blocks in this area, helping you to speak more openly and honestly while expressing your truest feelings in an articulate way. It is a calming and soothing stone, and can help its owner to feel more relaxed and at ease when it is kept close to the body for long periods - so tuck that little nugget in your pocket for a couple weeks and watch your anxiety levels gently peel away!


There are two types of Aqua Obsidian you can track down; one is more affordable. Above, the transparent, glassy stone is manmade. A lot of people doubt the power of manmade stones, but they definitely hold a vibration and are not "fake" or "dead" in any sense. (Think of it this way - glass is made of sand, and sand is a natural item found on earth, in the ground, like all stones) Natural Aqua or Blue Obsidian is slightly darker or more opaque, and more expensive and rare. It is made of volcanic glass. The more popular Aqua Obsidian made of manmade glass has less imperfections and is more transparent.


Do you have a little one who is afraid of water? Gift her a piece of Aqua Obsidian to help her feel more powerful and confident in the presence of water, helping to conquer the fear and anxiety it's presence can ignite. It is called swimmer's stone and closely linked to all bodies of water.