Stone Age: Apricot Agate


Apricot Agate is a soft energy stone that helps to strengthen the bond between a parent and child. It's also a protective stone for children, making it great to tuck in their bedrooms in a safe place, in jewellery, or as a amulet. It's particularly good at preventing falls. Apricot Agate brings peace of mind and a soothing calmness with its gentle energy. It brings instant serenity, and is therefor great for those who struggle with anger issues or feelings of depression. This stone smooths stressful situations, especially ones that are out of our control, and encourages honesty and goodwill. It helps to provide pleasant dreams, banishing insomnia and restless nights. It has a special power over the mind, enhancing analytical abilities, focus and concentration, and one's perception over confusing or cloudy situations/people. It balances yin/yang (feminine/masculine) energies and is a stone of strength.


This pink apricot hued stone is identifiable by its white bands that run throughout. There are sometimes darker orange, red or amber markings on the stone, as well as some lighter white parts aside from the banding found through out. This stone is typically an orange or pink colour.


This crystal is great for women. It helps ease menstrual pains and can also help to heal disorders found in the reproductive system. It assists with smooth sailing in pregnancy or conceiving.