Stone Age: Apatite


Apatite encourages you to move slowly, bringing a sense of awareness back to you when you're busy zooming through your daily routines. It encourages you to turn routine into ritual, savouring and enjoying the little things a little more. A great tidbit to remember about Apatite is that it quells apathy (Apatite/apathy), and negative emotions. It can help you work toward the greater good for all, encouraging a humanitarian outlook and approach to your duties. It cleanses the aura, helping you to feel rested and restored. It is effective as a bedtime dream stone, helping you to uncover deep wisdom from the Akashic Record, and any soul/karmic patterns you may have from previous incarnations. Keeping it on your bedside table will encourage your sleeping self to retain any information uncovered in the dream world. This is also a very mental stone (asleep or awake), bringing clarity and awareness to the mind, removing confusion or frustrations. It is a great partner for any situation that requires mental alertness or prowess such as studying, concentrating on a project or even public speaking where you are required to remember an important message. It enhances mental strengths such as creativity and problem solving, and is a good stone for entrepreneurs or business owners.


Though Apatite comes in a variety of hues, it is most commonly shades of blue or blue-green, or turquoise. Within one stone, there may be multiples hues of blue or green, some part of the stone bright, while others look deep an plunging like the ocean. In fact, this stone has a very common ocean-like appearance to it; hypnotizing and dark. The light veining (appearing like cracks) is reminiscent of the ripples across a body of water.


Blue Apatite can help facilitate contact with the devic realms (angels, fairies, elementals, gnomes, etc) and power animals. It is closely linked with all animals in the Animal Kingdom and can help you to more effectively communicate with any animals in your life (or spiritual life), or bond to one in particular. If there are any animals that keep presenting themselves to you, their message may become clearer under the influence of this stone.