Stone Age: Apache Tear


Just like where this stone is derived from - the core of a volcano - Apache Tear will help its owner get to the core or basis of any problem. If something has been troubling you and you're fed up with it - finally ready to make amends and heal, seek out this stone. However its energies aren't severe or intense; they're gentle, making them really great stress disrupters. If you're feeling stressed mentally or emotionally, Apache Tears are great relief stones, transmuting these heavy feelings into something lighter so you are better able to digest the problem and cope with it. Stress or sadness often causes blockages in our systems and Apache Tear is a great crystal for removing these obstructions quickly and effectively without jarring its owner. It's a good stone to have on you after a particularly stressful time, like exams or a funeral.


Apache Tear is a pocky black stone with white veiny tendrils coursing throughout its surface. But when you hold this bad boy up to a light source, he's actually transparent and appears brownish in colour! That's right - you can see through it. Since the stone is black, it will absorb lots of energies (so make sure you cleanse it properly) but its transparency helps to absorb negativity in a gentle and non-abrasive manner.


Since Apache Tear is a variety of obsidian, it will carry with it similar properties. You can also slip a couple of these crystals in the bathtub with you for a gentle detox - much like epsom salts! If you're working with a lot of higher energy stones, this is a good stone to keep with you to keep you grounded and level - like a strong baseline.

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