Stone Age: Angelite


If shit is hitting fan, Angelite is the crystal you need to help calm things down. It creates a shield of protection around you and dispels negativity, fear, anger, etc, uncoiling their claws from your aura. It connects you not only to angels, but to your spirit guides as well, so if you're looking to make contact with your guides - or if you aren't sure how to connect with your personal guides, acquiring Angelite will help introduce them to you. Meditate or practice visualization with a piece of Angelite between your hands, and wait for your introduction to the angelic realm. This crystal heightens perception and can make you notice things you never have before - particularly in those around you. It improves acceptance, tranquility and compassion, all strong traits from the angels themselves. If you've reached the point in your life where you are searching for your personal truth or wondering about your path, seek out Angelite to gently light the way. It promotes honesty and truth, and often finds its way to its owner once they've made the realization that their life may need to change or improve. And if you've recently had surgery, keeping Angelite on you is said to speed up healing.


Angelite is light blue with flecks of white - angel wings - inside. This opaque stone doesn't have the wisps that seraphinite carries, but is more spotted or pocked with white. Mine above is tumbled. Interestingly, the stone celestite, featured at the beginning of Angel Month, turns into Angelite when it is compressed.


Angelite is actually a relatively new crystal, only born in the 80s! Maybe its colour is reflective of acid wash jeans...