Stone Age: Angel Aura Quartz


Angel Aura Quartz (also called Opal Aura Quartz) is a very high vibrational stone. It brings our being back into alignment, helping to facilitate the proper growth we need in order realign with our Soul Contracts. It brings its owner hope, healing and a positive outlook, dubbing it the Crystal of Pure Joy. This stone welcomes newness to your life, stimulating deep awareness of the self, others, and the greater dimensions. It attracts lightworkers, reminding them of their true calling and mission to help others in this incarnation. This crystal has limitless potential. It propels you into a higher state of meditation and journeying, offering insight to questions that are hard to ask. This is a great stone for meditation or those who are serious about changing their life for the greater good.


Angel Aura Quartz is a clear to white crystal with pale rainbow inflections depending on how the crystal is turned to catch the light. This is caused by platinum bonding to quartz. This is an alchemicalized crystal carrying properties of these two blends.


Angel Aura Quartz is known for "feeling good" when you hold it thanks to its high vibrations. The stone's rainbows are cleansing and purifying, so be sure to handle this stone, twisting and turning it while looking into the colourful depths. Let them wash over you while you work with this stone!