Stone Age: Amethyst


Aside from being the "Sister Stone," I always call Amethyst the "Good For Everything" crystal. It has such a strong, rebalancing and restorative energy that it is great for all kinds of resets in people. It is a great bedtime stone and should be kept on the nightstand of someone who suffers from overly vivid dreams or nightmares, to the point where it is hurting their sleep quality. If you're interested in lucid dreaming, keeping Amethyst by your head at night will help. All these aspects transfer over to meditation as well, and meditating with a piece of Amethyst is great for opening up all your inner channels to receive messages from your guides and past loved ones. It can be a major catalyst stone for the spiritual newbie. And of course, my favourite Amethyst quality - this crystal is highly protective. Wearing it as jewellery, keeping it in your home or office, or even a little piece in your car adds a force field of physical and spiritual protection around you. (Man, I love this stone.) It can increase emotional stability making it great for any sort of transitions or changes you may be going through. Truly an all-purpose stone, if you're feeling imbalanced in any area, find yourself a striking hunk of Amethyst and don't be afraid to handle it and get up close and personal with it. Keeping it in a highly visible area in your home casts waves of calm on whoever looks at it.


This richly purple crystal will have deep violet shades in it blended with lighter lavender hues. It's available polished and raw and is relatively affordable. It's very easy to recognize and find, and should be one of the staple stones in your crystal toolkit. I suggest having a large beautiful piece (the size of your palm) for in the home, and a smaller version for personal work that you can keep with your other crystals. Tucking a little nugget in your glovebox is a good idea, too.


This crystal's oldest trait is sobriety. It used to be given to those with addictive personalities to help alleviate drunkenness, addictions to drugs or bad habits, and even poor behaviour. Thanks to its rebalancing and restorative properties, these ailments were viewed as an imbalance and this stone was meant to help assist those struggling in kicking the habit that was hurting them. I still suggest giving this beauty as a gift to someone attempting to overcome a great obstacle.