Soothing Herbal Steam DIY

I've been hit with a couple colds already since we've welcomed the end of fall and whispers of winter, and it's about this time that I start to step up my at home apothecary.

I recently shared one of my fave recipes for a soothing herbal steam DIY over on Our Body Book, and thought it was the perfect time to share it with you all here, so you can take a peek at the other great tips that Cameron Diaz's website has to offer. 

This recipe uses fresh pine, eucalyptus and powerful tea tree essential oil to help blast open sore and aching nasal cavities. If you're feeling clogged or there is some serious aching in the whole ear, nose, throat area, this is a great soothing at-home remedy to keep in your pocket. Not only will it help relax you, but this recipe kills bacteria, has antiviral properties, calms swollen adenoids, decongests and offers anti-inflammatory relief. And it's natural. Because plants are so amazing.

Bonus: this soothing herbal steam is also AMAZING for your skin. Want to read more about the skin benefits and snag the recipe?

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