How to cleanse your crystals with a Singing Bowl

How to use a singing bowl to cleanse your crystals | Rogue Wood Supply

Crystal cleansing is an essential practice to keep your stones energetically clean so they can work at optimum strength. When crystals are busy doing a job, like removing negativity and bringing a space back to neutral, they can grow stale or clogged. While some energetically tired stones may not offer positive benefits, sometimes, they can actually have negative effects.

How do you know when your crystal is "energetically dirty"? While some people are more sensitive to crystal energy and can immediately pick up on a tired stone, it can be tricky to decipher.

My best tips to know if your stones need to be cleansed are:

1. Establishing a strong relationship with your stones so you become familiar with how they make you feel. You'll then learn when they feel dull or weak. Just like how you can tune in and pick up on the vibes of a friend of yours - like when she's tired or even grumpy even though she is putting on a normal facade.

2.  Pay attention if you experience any negative side effects when working with the crystal. Many people think a particular stone variety isn't compatible with them (or too intense), but it's important to rule out that the stone wasn't energetically dirty before you write off the variety. 

3. If you get headaches while keeping a particular stone on you, this is a usually a clear sign the stone's frequency/vibes need to be cleansed.


My two favourite ways to cleanse my stones are by using moonlight (under a full moon) and smoke cleansing. You can check out a comprehensive crystal cleansing list here. But sometimes I run out of dried herbs or woods to use for smoke cleansing (or I am somewhere where I do not want to generate smoke), and of course, it usually takes a month to wait for the full moon to return; sometimes my stones need to be cleansed before that.

Sometimes I will use a cleansing spray (note: NOT a smudge spray; smudging is something different that is sacred to indigenous spirituality, and not something I feel I have any right to participate in as a French/Austrian woman).

And sometimes I will use sound cleansing, particularly with a singing bowl. I'm using this one! Sound cleansing has been something I've been strongly gravitating to in order to establish a stronger inner world. I would like to become more disciplined with meditation (particularly exploring transcendental meditation which requires chanting), to improve my overall wellness and stress levels. Working with a singing bowl helps me establish the rituals of strengthening my inner world. 

From my experiences with health as a young person (losing my father to cancer, and having my own cancer at 16), I developed a lot of anger and rage issues that require me to consciously develop my awareness so I don't EXPLODE with upsetting feelings.

My own cancer story begins when my vocal coach (I was recording an album at the time) noticed my range was deteriorating and I was no longer able to project that way I used to. A trip to the doctor revealed a giant tumour in my chest, squashing my lungs and heart. I was unable to create the right vibrato (vibration) with my voice anymore.

Singing and playing stringed instruments like the guitar, cello and violin, have always made me aware of vibration and the "bounce" in our voice or in a sound. It is something that I am instinctively drawn to. And I think that singers will particularly resonate with singing bowl cleansing because of this awareness.

A singing bowl emits pure vibrato - a constant "bounce" in the projection of sound. And it is very obvious to hear whether you have the ear for it or not.

Imagine these sound waves (or vibrato) like a little energetic massage; scrubbing away energetic debris and clogs with tiny invisible hands. It works on crystals, people and places, but it's a really awesome - and quick! - way to bring your crystals' energy back to neutral and ready to work with.

Steps to using a singing bowl to cleanse your crystals | Rogue Wood Supply



Raise the singing bowl slightly on a small pillow. Ensuring the sides of the bowl are free of obstruction (or hands) will help the sound emitted grow louder and more potent.


Using the wooden wand, gently strike the inner edge of the singing bowl (in its opening or "mouth"). You will hear a gong-like sound. 


Using the fabric covered side of the wooden wand, gently rub the wand around the outer edge/rim of the bowl immediately after striking. You will have to play with the angle of your wand, but you'll find the groove when the halo-like vibrato or sound wave emitted begins to purr loudly.


After a couple rounds around the perimeter of the bowl's rim, and once you hear the sound wave ignited loudly echoing into the room, place your wooden wand down, and pick up the crystal that needs to be cleansed. Pass the crystal through the centre of the bowl (careful not to actually touch it and disrupt the sound), carefully rotating it around until the sound waves grow faint. This will last roughly about 30 seconds, and then your crystal is cleansed and ready to use.


Repeat the above steps for each of your crystals.



My singing bowl is from Buddha Groove! If you want to look through their singing bowls, they range from $36 to $800. You can get a great one in the $50 - $150 sweet spot. They are often embossed with Buddhist mantras, but you can also get simple, stunning plain copper ones like this for $88.

If you like mine, it is the Five Dhyani Buddhas Singing Bowl and has about a 7-inch diameter (a pretty decent size), and it comes with a cushion and a wooden wand.