September's Cosmic Influence Report

September's moon cycle is called the Harvest Moon; sometimes this celebrated moon cycle falls in October depending on the full moon's proximity to the Equinox. This year's Harvest Moon is a much anticipated reprieve from all the shifting we processed over the year (especially over summer). Read below for deeper insight into what's going on up in the sky:

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Harvest Moon Energy

There is always a special magic in the air when the season's change, and more and more of us begin to notice the energy shifting far before the weather does. This is a very balanced moon cycle thanks to the latter influence of Libra Season, and it propels off the passion and practicality from the previous Red Moon cycle, when we entered Virgo Season.

This Virgo Season is special. Gah! There is a newness about it; a grounded energy. And you have hopefully established or are in the process of establishing brand new rituals (or even lifestyles) for yourself. Before our physical world can change, we need to evolve at an energetic level. If you're wanting enhancement in your life in a specific area, it's your energy that needs to shift first.

This is the reason a lot of diets, addiction relief or trends don't stick for us, because we try to change on the physical level rather than an energetic one. We need to shift our vibration first! And this can be done through improving our sense of awareness. Especially personal awareness.

Most of this month will be spent establishing our fresh energy and perspective. It will feel, honestly, really lovely. Like relief! Establishing healthy habits, rituals and rhythm is ESPECIALLY important because we will enter Libra Season later in September, sending us into our minds.

Spend the first bulk of the month organizing, scheduling and really feeling what your new rhythm should and will look like.

"Everything in moderation" is a happy mantra for Libra Season, but with all the shifting we went through over the year and particularly through the eclipses, we will enter autumn on September 22 feeling the tiiiiiiiiniest amounts of worry about our decisions and recent changes.

That's OK!

This is a "second stage" AIR SEASON (Gemini is first stage), so you can expect to be in your head a little more than usual. If you have an Air Sign in your Sun or Moon sign, you may feel a sense of clarity that you didn't have over the summer (this is your time to shiiiine!), but with that clarity, your mind can become a little anxious, suddenly analyzing and pouring over the details that seemed to make perfect sense over the last moon cycle. Take time for yourself this month because it'll be important to "clear your head" by month's end. Remember: Balance. Moderation.

Virgo Season will have had you hankering down - and that's good! - but it's also good to step back and assess/analyze come Libra Season, especially when we're NOT under the influence of Mercury Retrograde! Reflecting by choice rather than forced by circumstance is also a really great opportunity for growth.

If you do not have an Air Sign in your Sun or Moon position, this month will sometimes feel as if your mind is running away on you. Don't forget to keep YOUR NEEDS in the forefront of your mind, too; you don't want to shift your entire perspective onto those around you, forgetting yourself in the process. By being in relation to others, YOU still need to be a part of that equation.

Sometimes this can look like extra pressure from your boss or a leadership role in your life, or it can come from a friend or partner needing more hang out time. Are you bopping around, trying to fit in all your friends? When was the last quality hang sesh with your loved one? Children often rack up extra curriculars during this season, and your schedule could erode with things for other people and not yourself.

I want to remind you: the details and changes you recently enacted still make sense. But with the balanced energy emanating around us later in the month, we'll simply be able to zoom out of our reality and consider the perspectives of the "others who are involved" with a little more clarity than we could previously. This shift onto others may drum up things we hadn't considered, and THIS is where most of your second guessing will come from.

While the first half of the month will have us doing the footwork, it's completely natural to wonder if you "did the right thing" or have moved in the "right direction" (you did, and you have!) once we hit the Equinox. It's also natural to reevaluate the situation to ensure it fits everyone's needs! Look at those who are involved in the situation with you, and try to pinpoint how these changes have affected their energy and you're own energy.

Libras are learning how to be in relation to others, and when we enter this season in the year, it's important to have established a set rhythm throughout Virgo Season, so your footing is secure and balanced. Once you've done that, you can enter a place of safety, security and then clarity that allows you to consider the needs of those important to you in a more thorough - and thoughtful! - way.

Depending on your situation, this could be in relation to the needs of your clients, your students, your family, your child, your partner - or your ex, or any others you come into relation with.

For the first half of the month, do you. Feel it. Open up to that sensuality and aliveness.

You will be feeling more settled this month, even if your surroundings are a little "quicker" than they were over summer. The summer may have felt a little foggy and slow, but that's because we had so many retrograding planets hanging out in the sky, forcing us to stand still for a moment and look around at our emotional and physical landscapes. You're seeking a new personal rhythm and balance this month. Move your feet into intentional places for the first half of the month, and by month's end, recalibrate, reduce your stamina, and integrate moments where you are able to pause. Walk. Break. Walk. Break. Walk. Break. You don't want to get a cramp. ;)


Mars had been retrograde for most of summer, and it finally went direct during the end of August. Mars influences our passion, sexuality and desire, but can also trigger aggression, survival instincts and a desire to fulfill OUR NEEDS. Every sign has a pro/con depending on your perspective.

When Mars returns direct, it can give a major boost of motivation. LET'S HIT THE GROUND RUNNING is a total Mars thing. This motivation is usually channelled toward our unique desires, and since this is happening in an Earth Season (Virgo), that may feel like a desire to establish the areas where we feel security and safety. For some of us this will be home, career, personal health, etc.

Mars will not retrograde again until 2020; its influence shifts a little less than changeable inner planet, Mercury (Mercury Retrograde makes many of us panic!). Mars's retrograde period also lasts a little longer than Mercury's (Mercury Retrograde is only a few weeks, but happens a few times per year). Mars has been retrograde since June, so it spent almost an entire season a little groggy. 

It's like - Mars finally goes direct annnnnnd.... Goodbye Summer. 

Mars stations and goes direct in the sign of Capricorn - another Earth Sign! Capricorn is the sign of mastery, so you can imagine the cosmic influence and pressure Mars will have on us in an Earth Season (Virgo), underscoring our need to establish security, our footing, and the habits that ground us. We will want to MASTER and CONQUER this area - which is unrealistic at this time. We're just establishing it; laying the groundwork. Try to remind yourself of that while you feel Mars's fresh motivation in early September.

Mars may have you thinking, "LOOK I GOT THIS," but remind yourself of the mantra, "I am doing this and it is always evolving."

I GOT THIS implies mastering, but you're just in the exciting beginning of this new phase.

By mid September, Mars will move (sometimes called ingress) into charm-magnet Aquarius and it will hangout in each sign for roughly a month and a half.

ONCE IN A BLUE MOON... Actually happened twice in 2018.

If you want to follow along with me through the moon's energies and the energetic forecast of some of the other influential celestial bodies, like retrogrades, eclipses, and when to place your stones beneath a full moon, check out the Rogue Wood Moon Calendar!

New calendars (print + digital) come out every November.

finding our footing in virgo season

We have shifted from letting our feelings be the compass this summer to embracing the methodical organized nature of Virgo. You are DONE processing all that shit from the summer. You have felt all the emotions you were meant to feel in order for you to make your decisions about how to move forward.

While it was hard to hang out, wait, and flow through the emotions and heat; it was necessary. AND YOU DID IT LIKE A BAD ASS. This pause allowed for everything to bubble up to the surface so you could see everything you were dealing with/working with.

Now is the time for action in order to make everything "very real". Earth energy usually brings physical changes. 

Have you/did you move?
Are you starting a new project/program?
Are you in a new relationship/ended an old one?
Are you changing gears in your profession?
Is your spirit calling for travel/escape/freedom?

Virgo is an earth sign. It carries a very practical, calculated energy with it. It's the researcher. The planner. The perfectionist. It's understanding. Nurturing. Grounded. It is not as emotional as a Water Season, and not as intense or creative as a Fire Season. Your creative ideas were established under Leo Season, and now Virgo Season helps you put them in place.

So use this time to actually put your plans into place! Prepare them to "roll out" in the upcoming Harvest Moon Cycle and Hunter Moon Cycle (Scorpio). The process has already begun anyway, but the "event" or "settling" may come to fruition around an upcoming full moon!


Libra Season is another great energy, full of connection, love and mindful thinking. It's also a great head space to enter as motivational Mars will be direct and will have entered fellow Air Sign, Aquarius.

You'll have a few weeks of Virgo footing under your belt, and this will have been a real gift in establishing this new zone you're in. Once you begin to get comfortable, Mars will move out of the mastery position of Cap, and into thoughtful Aquarius, taking a bit of the pressure out of your step. Perhaps you'll have done "all that you can" during Virgo Season, and Libra Season will be a little more relaxed. Well, maybe not "relaxed" but a little less "action-oriented". You'll move into your head, and assess everything you changed.

Is it working? Are there areas that can be enhanced? Your perspective should remain on what is good for you, but also slightly zoom out to consider what is also best for the others involved. This is not the recalculating energy of Mercury Retrograde; rather, Libra zooms out to take an objective approach in order to achieve the most balance and happiness possible.

Libra can notoriously get caught up in the details and struggle to make decisions. This is where that niggling little worry or anxiety whether you did the right thing could irk some of us. If you find yourself falling into this headspace, do your best to assess and decide so you can maintain your forward movement. Remember: Walk. Break. Walk. Break. You always want to keep going. If you find yourself feeling anxious or worried, take that as an energetic sign that you're done pausing/breaking, and you can continue your progression.


You can stop for a nap in the winter, K?

Harvest Moon Cycle Reminders






• organizE, schedulE and really feel your new rhythm THIS MONTH