Sacred Circle Series

I am so excited to announce the Sacred Circle Series happening this spring. There is something so moving, therapeutic and healing when a group of women come together with intention and purpose. I'm happy to announce that this popular class has become a four-part workshop.

Sacred Circle workshop announcement

I've been teaching the Sacred Circle class over the past year, and there has been a strong undercurrent of radical change within each class. The workshop is a catalyst for change - dramatic change - and facing yourself full on, with all your vulnerability on the table. And while it might be scary for some, it's mind blowing for all. 

Today's woman is encouraged to be strong, self-sufficient, and a very dynamic alternate to her male counterparts. We're encouraged to be more male; to become the provider, and the caregiver. We're encouraged to soar as high as we can. We're pushed to achieve more than we ever have. We're told we're lucky for the opportunities we have right now.

Whether we feel this undercurrent immediately, it has affected the female population as a whole. I know I was feeling hardened by the demands of the modern woman, and slowly losing touch with the softer side of myself that made me dynamic in the first place. And while we're still encouraged to be feminine, I didn't realize that the demands of my modern world were teaching me how to be very practical, but not very spiritual. Thus, watering down my sacred feminine.


The Sacred Circle Series gathers a small group of women and immerses them in a safe energetic space that allows them to be their true selves. Honest. Unfiltered. Some of us don't even know who that person is. Through multiple cleansing and saging techniques, we open the circle with a gentle smoke bath, educating each woman present how to energetically cleanse herself to bring her spirit back to a neutral state.

We can pick up so much toxic energetic crap through our day-to-day. Maybe our demanding boss's words are still echoing and reverberating through our minds. Maybe the incessant needs of a partner or child have slithered into our auras. We're scarcely in a place where we are allowed and offered the space to focus on ourselves.

Once the group has completed the communal cleanse, the release begins. This is always such a moving and emotional time for the women present. They are always so surprised that they get emotional, but honestly, it is sincerely magical what happens in the Sacred Circle. It has become such a habit to stuff things down inside ourselves, that we don't even realize how much we keep bottled up.

We are so rarely put in a position where we are allowed to speak freely and inconsequently. Each woman releases deep and sometimes buried or unspoken emotions without the pressure of the clock, and without the vocal comfort from another that usually follows. So often when we do express ourselves, someone is there to tell us "it'll be OK." But with that expression we are giving up part of our power. It is our responsibility to learn how to comfort ourselves and not give that power to another individual. So many of us feel powerless because we are. We have done nothing to take our power back. When was the last time you said everything you wanted to, without consequence, judgment or response?

After the emotional release, each woman feels lighter and more connected to the woman beside her. The female connection is a powerful thing and it never ceases to amaze me when I witness it within another dynamic group. But this is the first time where the Sacred Circle has become a series. Each class builds and builds on the other, using different cleansing methods in each practice and using the intentional power of the quartz crystal. Each woman is gifted her own stone to work with, to help focus and direct her energy, for a giant and magnetic healing. You can get all the details here.


My heart breaks for the woman who feels too anxious, too emotional or too quiet for the release. I see her sitting quietly, scared for her turn. And then she begins and it's like her spirit is lit on fire, finally blazing the way it has always wanted to. She releases the pressure of who she feels her parents want her to be; she releases the fear of not knowing who she really is; she releases the fear of loving someone else and letting someone else love her; she releases her fear that her friends will judge her if she quits her job. I know she feels all the power of every beating heart within the room. It's incredible.

It's in our nature to want to tell one another that "it will be OK" or "it will all work out" or even "you're ridiculous! You're so amazing! I wish you could see what I see," but the women present are encouraged to remain quiet. You'd be surprised how hard it is. Honestly, this is the hardest part. Not giving out comfort, but letting our fellow woman stand tall. On her own.

As women, we have been groomed to be caregivers; to soothe the aching, and to ease the weary. I don't feel particularly maternal, and even I feel the pressure of making sure my family is happy and taken care of, or that my girlfriends know they can count on me for anything.


In each release I have hosted, there has been at least one woman who has begun her journey with cancer. As a cancer survivor, this puts me in an emotional state. I immediately feel every emotion that is wrapped up in my own cancer journey, and I naturally want to shine light on the experience for the scared woman sitting in front of me. But it is not my journey; it is hers. I can't comment on it because it does not belong to me. And it very well may be tied to her life's core lesson - which is the exact purpose of this workshop: the Sacred Circle Series helps each woman unearth her life's very specific core lesson.

So many of our concerns, pains and worries can be whittled down back to something very specific and very simple. And finally, thanks to creating this four-part series, we can spend the time each week peeling back the layers to reveal what each of our life's core lessons are. And it's only once we face this lesson that we can decide what to do with it.

I invite you to join me in the first ever Sacred Circle Series. At this time, this workshop is being held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in the beautiful, serene landscape of FortWhyte Alive. Until April 15, you can purchase tickets at the Earlybird price, using the PROMOCODE earlybird. And those in the RW Tribe also get a nice little discount.