Self-Awareness Spread

I find the different facets of people fascinating. We can be strong mentally and yet physically vulnerable. We can have confused emotional states while being incredibly spiritual. There are many parts to our "wholes" and this spread shines a light on the different parts of ourselves in the realms of spirit, mentality, physicality and emotionality. Use this spread to get a better understanding of yourself. Any pack of cards can be used with this spread, but thanks to the fluidity of the information I've chosen soul cards to use in the reading below:

This five-card spread provides more insight to who you are as a whole and breaks down different parts of your being, reflected in a representation of your spiritual, mental, physical and emotional self. This spread may uncover weaknesses, strengths or imbalances in your total energy, assisting you in bringing awareness to the parts of your life that may need attention.

Card one: This card represents you as a whole.
Card two: This card represents your mental self.
Card three: This card represents your physical self.
Card four: This card represents your emotional self.
Card five: This card represents your spiritual self.


I thought the artwork of this deck was so striking that I framed a few of the cards on multiple occasions. Created by Cheryl Lee Harnish, this deck is made up of intuitive fractal art. When a card is drawn with this deck, while it comes with a guidebook, it is encouraged that you take a moment to reflect on the thoughts, feelings and subtle impressions you feel, as the fractal art communicates with your intuition because they resonate at a very high vibration. This 44-card deck can give you a very deep reading.