Duality Spread

Who doesn't love, love? Relationship spreads are probably the second most popular choice to the Celtic Cross, but this spread can be used between friends, coworkers or other relationships you have as well. If you're looking for more insight with your boyfriend, daughter, boss, etc, the Duality Spread will expose your differences and how you complement one another. With the purposeful use of court cards, (Kings, queens, knights and pages) this is a great spread to close the week and work on our relationships this weekend - or at least bring more awareness to them. Check it out:

For this spread, pluck out all the court cards in your pack and shuffle them together. Extract two cards, placing the first in position one, and the second in position two. These two cards represent you and your partner. Add the rest of the court cards back to the deck and shuffle. The remaining cards will identify the differences and complements between this pairing (can also be done with a friend, coworker, boss, etc) and what needs to be done to work on the longterm of the relationship.

Card one: This card represents you.
Card two: This card represents your partner.
Card three: This card indicates what is different about you in comparison to person two.
Card four: This card indicates what is different about person two in comparison to you.
Card five: This card uncovers how you complement each other or in what way you're a match.
Card six: This card shows what you need to work on for long term compatibility.


This traditional deck works well for this spread as the use of court cards is needed. If you have an alternative deck with a full set of court cards it will work just as well. The Rider-Waite deck was established in 1910, but did reverse the Justice and Strength cards for unknown reasons. If you're just getting started with tarot, seeking out this affordable, traditional deck would be a wise idea.