Ascension Spread

Last year, we were in the throes of Tarot Week in August. I love scanning posts from a year ago to see where I was at personally, and what Rogue Wood was up to. Tarot Week is a great way to keep yourself accountable in your self-care practice, dialling into your spiritual side and really listening to your body and mind. I wanted to offer a refresh of one of my favourite custom tarot spreads, the Rogue Wood Ascension Spread, using one of my favourite decks from Fountain Tarot. At the bottom of the post are other spreads for you to try out!

Tarot was one of my first ventures into the mystic, having had my first reading as just a child. The important key to understand with tarot reading is that the cards are a divinatory tool; a means for the Universe to connect with you and transcend its message. There can be a lot of confusion around tarot, most commonly the misinterpretation of some major arcana cards, but it's important to understand that your cards are merely telling you something for this exact moment in time. Tomorrow, if you drastically change the course of your existence, the spread's message may dissolve. We have infinite potential paths we can take in this life, but tarot exposes the one you're currently on - or could be on, depending on the reading. It is not the be all end all, but a way to conduct insight into your own life so you have the power to choose whether you like what the cards are showing you or not. Those witches in tents telling you that you're going to move to Ireland, marry a painter and have three boys are bologna. Tarot is more fluid than that! Check out the Rogue Wood Ascension Spread below:

This spread reflects on who you were and who you will be. It shines a light on an important part of your past and how that event shaped you today. As the spread continues, it floats through your current situation, how that situation is affecting your current self, and then takes you for a glimpse into a future version of who you could be and what outcomes that future version may encounter.

Card one: This card represents your past self; who you were when you were younger.
Card two: This card exposes how your past self affects you, and how it has shaped who you are.
Card three: This card represents your present self, in your current situation.
Card four: This card indicates what is currently holding you back in life.
Card five: This card unfolds what your heart hopes to learn or where it hopes to go.
Card six: This card represents your future self; who you may become.
Card seven: This card represents a potential outcome.
Card eight: This card represents a different potential outcome.


The Fountain Tarot by Jonathan Saiz, Jason Gruhl and Andi Todaro has an extra card in its deck; the Fountain. The Fountain card asks that you relinquish all illusion of control, master less, and just be - effortless and indistinguishable. It represents the breath of the Universe, being fully "awake" and to reach the end of seeking. Reversed, it is indicates a separation from Source. Truly a beautiful addition to the traditional tarot deck, the Fountain card was a welcomed surprise when I received my pack. I love this deck, not only because of its beauty and accolades to sacred geometry but because it is very modern in its approach. Get it here.