Do you have a power stone?

We've all felt that little wink from a special stone while we're in a crystal shop. You pick the crystal up, put it down, but it still holds your eye. You can walk all around the shop looking at hundreds of pretty stones, but that little wink has you within its grasp.

These are really special moments - ones we shouldn't ignore! There is probably a reason that a crystal grabs our attention. Maybe we need it, or maybe someone we know needs it. These moments are usually so powerful, we don't typically ignore them. But sometimes a particular stone keeps finding us. We may have it in various cuts or forms. Sometimes the crystal in question doesn't even make sense to us - maybe you hate pink, but you have tons of rose quartz.

I always find Power Stones become easier to identify when others gift them to us. Maybe your mother bought you a pair of Herkimer earrings; your best friend snagged you a large shard to keep in your office; your boyfriend bought you a gorgeous Herkimer ring. Why does this stone keep hunting you out?

Maybe it's your power stone.

We each have a Power Stone or two. Power Stones are just like a spirit guide or a spirit animal. They have an essence that is meant to help us, guide us and teach us. And just like these other spiritual helpers, Power Stones can change as our life unfolds. I've had guides come and go. And while we can have some guides that are with us from birth, it's completely normal to fulfill our journey with a particular spiritual partner, thus dissolving the relationship.

Power Stones are the same. You might truly have one, a special bond that stays with you always, but you might also have others that come and go. When we incarnate, imagine a plethora of helpful tools being scattered throughout our life's journey, meant to help us touch base, keep us on track, inspire us or help move us forward on our personal paths. These can be people, places, and even things. Guides, friendships, forests, jobs, power stones.


Here are a few questions to ask yourself to find out if you have a power stone. There is a good chance that a particular stone has already come to mind while you're reading this, but just to dig a little deeper, check out these probing questions:

1. Is there a specific stone that people keep gifting to you?

2. Is there a specific stone that you have multiples of?

3. Do you find yourself drawn to similar stones when you're crystal shopping? Do they have a similar colour, shape, or properties?

4. Is there a specific stone that you crave or hope/wish to acquire?

5. Is there a specific stone you feel afraid of? (This feeling can simply be an imbalance in our personal vibratory energy, that the crystal in question can help balance)

6. Is there a specific stone that you just adore without question? Why? What do you like about it? (Many power stones fulfill a need or void that we are feeling in our lives, though this is not exclusive)


Your power stone is like a super charged amulet. Many ancient cultures had amulets or totems that acted as a power source for the owner. It helped protect them in battle, identified their royalty class, and even acted as a conduit to channel magic. These amulets sometimes changed, and sometimes they were passed down through lineages. But even in these ancient times, people felt affinities for particular stones. A lucky ruby necklace. A sapphire carving on the kitchen table. A gold bracelet. Your power stone holds the same invigorating energy, only adapted for our modern culture.

Your amulet is a source of strength and accountability. It brings luck. It helps ground you. It helps keep you on your spiritual path. It winks at you everyday. It brings you creative energy. Big ideas. It even uplifts you and makes you feel better when it's around you. It can help quell any dis-ease or worry when you're feeling afraid or nervous, and it assures you when it pops up in a unassuming place.

My recommendation would be to keep a form of your Power Stone on or around you at all times. Keep a version of it on your bedside table, to protect and guide you when your spirit is asleep and traveling through the dream dimensions. Keep a nugget in your vehicle. See if you can acquire jewellery to wear that has your stone in it. Keep it in your pocket. On your work desk. Even cluster a collection on your coffee table as a paperweight. Keep its power around you, so it can regularly fuel and empower you.