How to make a crystal grid with odds and ends stones

One of my favourite ways to build crystal grids is using many different stones, so I can maximize the type of energy I'm trying to draw upon. Crystal grids don't need to be daunting. A small manageable grid will be just as effective as an elaborate one, and will still amplify through your home or space, to help balance out any irregularities within your energy system. But it can be hard to build grids if all you have are pockets full of all the different stones you've managed to collect.


Actually, using all those odds and ends stones can make a supercharged crystal grid. And I have a couple tricks to help you pair your stones together to maximize your gridwork potential.


Crystal grids are a great way to build your relationship with your stones, and become more familiar with their properties. Once they're placed together in a grid, their energies work together to reverberate outward, as a way to transmute the energy supply within a space to become a match to the energy that the stones carry.

In English: whether your space is feeling icky after a fight with your boyfriend, or whether you're finished drowning in grief after the death of a loved one, a crystal grid can reset the energy of a space and fill it with the positive energy supply that is found in the stones' properties. 

Once the grid is locked in place and activated, the grid takes on an energy of its own, that is a combined mix of all the stones within it. Gridwork is great to add to meditation practices, journeying, yoga and even bedtime rituals.


I find the most effective crystal grids draw upon sacred geometry. The stones in the grid are placed in a way that is evenly spaced apart as to reveal a symmetrical pattern that keeps building and building upon itself. This pattern is an almost magical formation that is pleasing to the eye in a hard-to-describe-kind-of-way.

It's easy to see when a crystal is out of alignment, and causing disharmony in a grid (see below). The alignment in a crystal grid is just as important as the crystals used themselves. It's important that the placement of stones are of a relatively equal space away, and that the crystals used are either the same, or share a common element, like a similar energy (soothing, protective, romantic), colour scheme, or even shape. There is no real wrong way to design a grid, but there are definitely more effective ways. Using varying stones with varying energies will just make a grid that is... you guessed it: varying in energy. Sometimes, that's not as effective because the focus is watered down.

Maybe I want to draw abundance to my career, so I pick citrine. But I also want to improve my romantic life, so I choose rose quartz. And you know, I want to lower my anxiety so I choose an anxiety stone, like blue lace agate.

Do you see how all these competing energies could water down your grid's focus? Working with complementary stones is my top recommendation. If you're not sure, check out the crystal directory for help.

You can see above that the top piece of clear quartz is out of alignment, as is the lowest amethyst and the tumbled angelite. This crystal grid is not locked in place and activated. The space this grid is in wouldn't reap the benefits because the grid is not placed in harmony within sacred geometry. This means, the grid couldn't take on "an energy of its own" to maximize rebalancing whatever is out of whack within your home or space.


• Main stone (#1)
The main stone is one purposely selected stone that acts as the centre of the grid. This stone is programmed with a specific intent, say, "to help me attract a romantic partner" or "to help me draw on focused energy for my business," or something similar. The grid will be built around this carefully selected stone, that you feel houses the closest properties of what you're trying to achieve. It's your top choice.

• At least three of the same stone (#2)
In order to build the very first formation around the main stone, three of any stone variety are needed. The first formation around the main stone can be comprised of four stones, but a minimum of three is a good starter. All the other crystals after that do not need to be repeated, save for the clear quartz.

• Multiple pieces of clear quartz (#3)
Since clear quartz are programmable channels, they have the ability to directly send out the main stone's properties in an amplified way. While I've seen many crystal grids built without clear quartz, the stones used are still in a formation of sacred geometry, locking in and activating the grid, but they aren't direct channels like a clear quartz. In simple terms, clear quartz are more powerful conduits and energy conductors.


I have used aquamarine as my main stone in the grid above. Aquamarine is calming, a "stone of light" but it is also courageous. I have paired it with other complementary soothing stones to amplify its energy. Amethyst is my first set of three stones, and it is a "good for everything stone;" protective, extremely powerful, and transmutes energy into a loving vibration. The clear quartz will add its properties, while directing the flow of energy. I have used angelite; awareness, divine connection; jade; serenity, releases negative thoughts, and blue apatite; deeply spiritual, as my odds and ends stones. This grid will help me to find my inner light, shed any negative thoughts that are holding me back, and help connect me to a high power, my guides, or the angelic realm so I can understand my personal truth.

These types of grids are perfect if you have a wide cast of stones, or a bunch of mis-matched stones you're looking to work with. Choose your main stone, the stone you want to pull focus and energy from, and dedicate it. Place three of the same stone in a tiny, symmetrical triple formation around the main stone (like stone #2). Wand out your pieces of clear quartz, elongating them slightly past #2 stones. And finally, place any mismatched stones on the first outer ring (#4). You can build and build upon your grid with tons of odds and ends stones.

Since gridwork using odds and ends stones can be super dynamic, I've included three grid examples that you can download. Depending on which stones you have in your toolkit, one of the grids below might really work for you. Place your stones on top of the image, to get a better understanding of the symmetry involved in gridwork.

Click the image below to download the three PDFs. Happy gridding!