Chill vibes Halloween playlist

Every Halloween playlist is jam packed with "Thriller" and "Monster Mash," but when you start segueing into those modest, chill, more intimate Halloween and autumn hangouts, it's time for a playlist upgrade, right?

I've been gathering smoke cleansing herbs like crazy for a big order, and of course, to restock the supply shop. This cozy playlist has been fuelling me through the process in a blend of old and new whimsical and thoughtful tracks.

Fall is so moody and cozy! It's jam packed with feel good, seasonal rituals, and I'm a big believer in having a soundtrack to match those duties.

We're hitting up feel-good folk tunes like Hozier and Ray LaMontagne, with some nearly forgotten classics by KD Lang and Amanda Marshall.

I'm currently obsessed with Banks's Gemini Feed and Begonia's Juniper, so they topped the list to really get you in the mood.

I hope this inspires your autumn rituals or Halloween haunts and parties this year!