October Cosmic Influence Report

October's moon cycle is called the Hunter’s Moon; it carries with it the analytical (and this year, anxiety-inducing) energy of Libra Season, and the emotions and wildness that can sometimes find us in Scorpio Seasons. After so much change this year, this is a moon phase to pay attention to. Read below for deeper insight into what's going on up in the sky:

Hunter Moon Energy

We entered into a brief period of clarity over the last moon cycle - right before the equinox - and it probably felt good. For a second. Then Libra Season kicked in. Libra Season has a good reputation, but this year there was some extra energy in the sky; retrograding planets, planets going direct in signs that struggle under a Libra influence, and hey - a new season, too. This caused more anxiety than usual under this sign. Even though Libra Season can be a really special (and romantic!) zodiac season, this year we’re in our heads in a whole new way.

You may be thinking so fast, that you find you’re actually making tiny little mistakes!

Our minds are probably a little anxious in the first few weeks of this new month, and you may find yourself suddenly analyzing the things you’ve done; pouring over the details and maybe realizing you took a pretty big bite. You didn’t bite off more than you can chew, but, you still took a pretty big bite that feels like a bit of work to get through. You will though, so keep chewing. Ask for help when you need to; use your utensils to cut “the thing” into smaller, more manageable bites!

"Everything in moderation" is THE MANTRA for Libra Season!

If you’re one of the energies out there feeling just a tiny bit of anxiety, doubt, or stress about those changes you made, don’t worry; that’s the nature of this season. Those decisions ARE STILL THE RIGHT ONES FOR YOU. It’s totally natural to question (everything!) under this cycle.

As we tiptoe out of the Harvest Moon cycle and into the Hunter’s Moon cycle, you’ll notice a passion and intensity beginning to bubble within you. NEW IDEAS! WHAT DO I WANT?! Your head is still the leader right now though, so your feelings won’t be able to take the wheel just yet. You may even be feeling frantic with all the things to do - but that’s just Libra. If you find yourself just pushing to get to the finish line before you can focus on those passions - your intuition is right: finish your current thing first before taking another bite of that Harvest! This “thing” you have to finish still contributes to whatever that passion is that you’re feeling.

And yes, that thing you’re passionate about - that new idea - IS part of this next chapter. It’s important! But you can’t skip to that chapter because you’ll DEFINITELY miss something important along the way. We’re only in the prologue of this next chapter, but you better believe there is valuable information here, and definitely a shit ton of things to do.

Don’t skip ahead. Finish what needs to be done. Do it right.

In last month’s report, I mentioned, “If you do not have an Air Sign in your Sun or Moon position, this month will sometimes feel as if your mind is running away on you. Don't forget to keep YOUR NEEDS in the forefront of your mind, too; you don't want to shift your entire perspective onto those around you, forgetting yourself in the process. By being in relation to others, YOU still need to be a part of that equation.”

I know you want to work hard, but if you crash (or choke), no one wins, right? Remind yourself, “everything in moderation” in Libra Season. You’ll have to stay organized. Most of the stress, second guessing or anxiety we have the potential to feel this month is just from a mental pressure to “find the new normal”.

OCTOBER IS AN EXCITING MONTH - the veil to the spirit world is its thinnest this month, so your spiritual team will have a total party in sending you messages and wisdom to help guide you. Make sure you’re listening! You can “listen” by practicing mindfulness, staying present, and not letting yourself zoom into the future with that Libra anxiety. You will be feeling a little anxious this month; in love or work, or with finances primarily. It is so important to stay organized right now, so make yourself lists, ask for help - take small manageable bites! - and have a clear plan - even if it’s a plan to relax!


For October and part of November, Venus, planet of Beauty, Love, and Money, will retrograde in Scorpio and Libra. It’s about a 40-day retrograde. Ahhh! You may find yourself entering a time where your financial stability and security are up in the air. This is because of all those dang changes. That’s why it’s so important to keep a level head and not let your anxiety and worry get the best of you.

Stay organized. Make a plan. COMMUNICATE. Talk! There are people out there ready and willing to help! Whether they’re in your community, are your friends, are in your family, or are professionals - they’re there.

Venus can also affect your self-confidence; if you find yourself doubting your abilities, questioning your worth, or second guessing your ideas that once felt really good, just know you’re feeling the effects of Venus. You’re still awesome, you’re just a creature connected to the rhythm of the universe and this is a totally normal way to feel.

And with Venus retrograding in an analytical sign (Libra), and a passionate and emotional sign (Scorpio) - we may feel this in our love life. If you’re coupled, there may be some tension in the relationship from a lack of communication. Just make sure you’re keeping each other filled in - don’t zoom ahead into the future because you’re so worried! If you’re busy, say you’re busy. If you’re distracted, say you’re distracted. Otherwise, you may hurt someone unintentionally, and then feel guilty about it after. Talk it out. Talk about everything. To everyone!

Venus retrogrades on October 5, but we will already feel the effects at the start of the month, so just try to keep your awareness alert (should be easy under Libra). Just make sure you don’t look for a quick fix to feel restored and rebalanced - don’t spend recklessly, don’t love recklessly and don’t change up your look under this influence!


Libra Season is a great season that is full of connection, love and mindful thinking. You've moved into your head, and are assessing everything you’ve changed. It’s easy to let ourselves tiptoe into that state of worry and anxiety, but just know this comes from the energy of Fear. You do not need to be afraid. Lean on the connection this month welcomes; lean on your people, talk to each other and remember do to everything from a place of love.

Your perspective should always remain on what is best for you at this time, but you don’t want to bulldoze the others around you by intentionally or unintentionally not considering them. I get it - you’re busy! But they’re busy, too. We’re alllllll busy - let’s just work together and help each other feel supported; THAT’S the amazing energy of Libra Season.

Libra can notoriously get caught up in the details and struggle to make decisions. It’s important to keep making decisions right now because you don’t want to get caught up in your indecision and then stall yourself. This will be harder if you’re an Earth Sign (we’ve just left Virgo Earth Energy), but we can all feel it in some way. If you find yourself wavering, find a trusted person or people to talk to, to help keep you accountable.

You don’t want to stall right now - you’re almost through this dang prologue!


As the month pushes on, we will be finding more and more clarity, and you’ll find yourself craving even more depth. That will be Scorpio niggling away at us. If you give in to that depth too soon, before honouring Libra season, you may find there are moments that are too much.

And like, you probably will, because Libra pushes so hard into the future.

If/when this happens, allow yourself to feel all your emotions; let them ripple through you. It. Is. Oh. Kay. Emotions are just energy in motion - E-motion. Your feelings are powerful; your feelings are allowed, and your feelings are totally normal. This is a lot! But you’ve got your network; you’ve got your people. We are community-oriented creatures and we can’t survive without our community. You aren’t designed to do everything alone, and you definitely don’t have to. Ask for help. Your people - want - to - help.

These big feelings are so important because they’re real and they need to be honoured. They’re also your compass toward where you need to be going in the future. You are growing so much - into this amazing person - and you’re helping this entire collective shift and grow quickly, too. I hope this makes you realize that all this change you’re putting yourself through is unique to you but connected to everyone, and by honouring this part of yourself, you honour your sisters as well. You support your sisters as well. Your personal change helps our greater collective grow and shine. Your individual story and journey is SO important to the larger cosmic community plan.

See what I mean about wanting something deeper? You already intuitively know this; you don’t have to zoom ahead yet.

For most of October, you’ll still be figuring out what your new normal is. You’ll be “hunting” for it.

Hunter Moon Cycle Reminders

• if your feelings become too much; honour them; let them out!


• YOU HAVE the MOTIVATION to go for it now that MARS is DIRECT

• venus retrograde could welcome financial uncertainty; make a plan

• venus retrograde could give you a romantic itch you want to scratch







• THis month you’ll be “hunting” for your new normal