New Moon Bath Recipe

After learning about some serious Moon Magic here, the requests started pouring in for some moon bath recipes. With the New Moon set to darken the sky, it's the perfect time to take a super cleansing moon bath to really reap the benefits of Luna's energy. Pink Himalayan rock salt is nature's healthiest salt, but aside from being great on meats or in salads, it's actually incredibly good for detoxing your body. Using this recipe once per lunar cycle, on the new moon, is a seriously healthy practice and a great way to begin working with moon magic. And it's inexpensive! Check out my tips and DIY recipe below:


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As the purest salt on earth, this salt extracted from the Himalayan Mountains is supercharged with close to 100 minerals. It's easy to find and is the essential ingredient to taking a deeply cleansing New Moon bath. And according to this it's the equivalent to a 3-day cleanse. Wow! See ya later treacherous juice cleanse! (Just kidding. I love my juice.) When added to bath water in large amounts, these salts draw impurities out of the body - so much so that sometimes the bather can feel a little lightheaded! Research shows that these salt baths are similar to prenatal states, taking us right back to the womb for intense healing. The New Moon's energies are restorative, healing and cleansing making it the perfect time to perform one of these baths. There are even spas all around the world that offer New Moon baths set to the lunar calendar, and using this magical ingredient. 

When I take my bath, I use a combination of salts. Approximately one pound is the fine salt, while about half a pound is the courser salt. There is no right or wrong combination, so using whatever you can find will work. Just make sure you save the salt bar for after your bath.


• dry brush (for skin)
• Himalayan pink salts
• Himalayan pink salt body bar (optional)
• drinking water


1. On the New Moon, draw a bath and add approximately one and a half pounds of the salt to the bath water. While the ratio of salt matters for deeper cleansing, it really varies on how much water your tub can hold. If you're not sure, adding the above measurement is a good start.

2. While your tub fills up, rub a dry brush all over your skin to exfoliate your body and allow for full cleansing potential. Treat this as a worshiping practice, and be very mindful of each stroke against your skin. To properly brush your skin, always move the brush in one direction and toward the heart. Drag the brush upwards on your legs, upwards on your arms and stomach, and downward on your chest, etc.

3. Relax in the water for at least 30 minutes and focus your attention on all the impurities being pulled from your body. This is a good time to meditate, so lighting candles in the washroom, listening to soothing music, or letting fresh air in from the window are all great ideas.

4. When you're ready to get out, (optional) stand up and glide the salt bar over your skin in one direction, similar to how you prepped your skin with brushing. Make sure your skin is still wet, and do not rub the bar over your skin. Step out of the tub and either pat or air dry.

5. You know those super tall Smart Water bottles? I keep one handy all the time to make sure I'm drinking enough water. After your bath, crush one of these bottles - or just make sure you're drinking lots of water to continue encouraging the flush from your system. But not just a piddly glass of water! Keep drinking.