Stones and scents to fight winter blues

The winter months are known for putting some of us in a bit of a funk. The lack of time in the sun has the ability to affect our health and how high we hold our spirits. Thankfully, there are a few crystals with sun-energy and positivity that you can keep on you to abate those Winter Blues. We've even round up a few of our favourite aromas from plants that also lift you up when you're feeling down! Check out some of these feel-good stones and scents:



The fiery energy of this stone empowers its owner to feel alive and well. This makes it a great aid for someone who is battling depression and anxiety. Red Malachite shines a light on the little things in life and renews one's zest for life. Perfect to keep in your pocket during these cold, grey months.


What better way to fight winter blues than a stone that harnesses sun energy and basks its owner in positivity? Carnelian is a bright and positive stone full of feel-good energy. Bonus, it boosts confidence and ambition, making heading into the office when you'd rather be back in bed under a pile of blankets a touch easier.


In winter, it can seem like our best self goes into hibernation, leaving behind a grumpy, deflated version of who we really are. Tangerine Quartz is a secret weapon to help with just that. While supercharging mental abilities and invoking inspiration, it also helps its owner step into a more positive vibration. It attracts authentic joy and wholehearted happiness and restores emotional and mental balance.


Clearing negativity and deepening your connection with divine truth is what this stone does best. Desert Rose (a form of Selenite) strengthens the connection with your guides and guardians of the angelic realm, providing you with extra strength and support through long, winter months.


Last, but definitely not least, the happiness stone. Chrysoprase banishes negative thoughts, encourages self-expression, and re-establishes connection with innate courage and power. Keeping this guy in your pocket will help wash away building negativity and energize you with self-love and positives vibes.


Lavender is well known to be soothing and assist with sleep and relaxation. It's also a gentle helper to have on your side if your fighting depression or negative emotions. Studies have shown people with PTSD and women with postpartum depression who diffuse lavender in their homes have a decrease in their symptoms. Keep this one on hand! Tuck some under your pillow, spray it on your sheets, or keep a vial in your purse. 


This oil is known for increasing passion! It has immediate positive affects on your mood, libido, and self-love. A few drops of ylang-ylang oil in a coconut carrier oil makes a great massage oil. What a perfect nighttime ritual in the middle of a long, dark season.


The smell of bergamot decreases anxiety and some even use it to help treat depression. (Especially, when blended with lavender!) It promote balance and has been shown to bring the body back to a relaxed state. Put a few drops on your wrists or behind your ears to keep the scent of this calming oil nearby all day long.