Maximizing your jewellery choices

Our hands are conduits for sending and receiving energy. Think about how much our hands can actually do, from waving, extending for an introduction, crafting minute intricate wares, a gentle stroke on a loved one's cheek... they're even magic wands, allowing you to write reiki power symbols along the walls of a room or energy of a person. I knew a woman who tattooed a lightning bolt on the inside of her finger, just to remind herself of her permanent magic wand. Hands can even explain their own language, allowing us to communicate with a person who can not hear. They can be crafty, sexual, gentle, strong, beautiful and curious. Hands are pretty incredible in what they allow us to do, and how they help us interact with our world.

In order to understand how your jewellery choices may affect your energy, try to think of your hands from an energetic perspective; the left hand representing feminine energy and the right representing masculine energy. The flow of energy through the body can be expressed in a similar way, travelling up the left side and down the right side; feminine/masculine.


The left hand has more receptive energy associated with it. It pulls in energy, absorbing it, and perhaps acquiring the energy of a room or person. It's associated with traits like:
- Gentle/Softness
- Creativity
- Femininity
- Understanding
- Intuition


The right hand has more expressive energy; think pushing energy out into the room rather than absorbing it. It offers energy outward. It's associated with traits like:
- Independence
- Strength
- Masculinity
- Getting people's attention
- Leadership

When you think of your jewellery choices, specifically in the crystals and gemstones you adorn on your hands, based on the characteristics of the stone, would you like to push that energy outward, affecting those around you? Or would you rather absorb it, potentially from the room or others?

Depending on which hand you wear your jewellery on, and what particular crystal you decide to wear on that hand, you have the potential to magnify the energy of the associated crystal's characteristics. You may impact those around you for good (making you magnetic, with people seemingly naturally drawn to you), or absorb energy/comfort others, heal yourself, and improve your own qualities.

I wear my jewellery on my left hand habitually. I find I often am doing more with my right hand, and jewellery could get in the way. Seems logical. I even got used to how my rings looked on my left hand (and my left hand fingers are a teensy bit smaller than those on my right). But every now and again, I wear something on my right hand. And after flipping through some old Facebook photos, I found when I was younger, I almost always wore stones on my right hand (when I worked in finance). How strange! 

But in this current phase of wearing my jewellery on my left hand, I decided to put my awareness into my jewellery and test out this theory. One particular day that I was teaching my design students in college, I switched it up. I swapped out my Herkimer Diamond from its usual place on my left middle finger, and placed it on my right ring finger (too tight for my right middle finger). I thought this would be a pretty good time to test it because why not push energy outward when I had the attention of 20 people in the room? I also felt the properties of Herkimer Diamonds translated well to an educational environment.

Let's have a little summary of Herkimer's characteristics:

- improves creativity
- encourages high achievement
- infuses your being with wisdom and knowledge
- acts as conduit to higher information, places and spirits
- may make sensitive individuals feel loopy or disoriented

NOTE: These are all traits I'm usually trying to absorb by having this ring on my left hand.

I had taught what I thought was a particularly boring class about search engine optimization, and how to optimize your website (web design class) in order to improve your rankings and "searchability" online. I was well-prepared, and did my best to make the content engaging, but I warned my students that the information was pretty dry. We would have to power through it together.

Wearing my Herkimer on my right hand seemed like a good idea to really have this information sink in and register with the students.

By the end of the short two-hour design class, I - was - exhausted. I felt like I had talked for 12 hours instead of two. I went back to my office and laid on my table for a quick minute before one of my student's was set to meet with me. When she arrived, I asked her how she felt about that day's class.

"I know you think it was boring information but you really made it the clearest it has every been explained to us. We had an eight-hour seminar with an "expert" on SEO and none of us understood it by the end. We all just really think your information is super valuable."

It was the best compliment I could have received after feeling so tired and unsure about my lesson. Later that week, I received a few other affirming emails from my students, and to this day it was my most well-received lesson - at least by the engagement and confirmation from the students. And I teach a pretty fun class, usually about colour and design principals and social media.

But SEO is what got the students emailing me. Who knew!


Needless to say, I've been a little reluctant (scared) to try the experiment more habitually. I've done it a couple other times - with the same ring - when I think it would be beneficial for me to push energy into the space rather than absorb it (usually when I teach wellness workshops). However, it is important that my energy levels are up, and that I'm feeling in a good space, because I wouldn't want to push these amazing properties into the room - my body and ring as the conduit - if my own energy is a little murky.

Crystal readings always wearing my herkimer diamond ring to absorb the energy of the reading | Rogue Wood Supply.


Whenever I am doing crystal readings, I always wear my ring - and I wear it on my left hand. In fact, I'm not sure I would ever do a reading without wearing this ring because it has become as much a part of my ritual for crystal readings as cleansing the room before hand has.

This hand position/jewellery combo helps me absorb the energy in the reading to help me better express the energy in the reading. It connects me to the querent, the energy of the board, and the stone's placement based on how the querent cast the spheres.

You'll also notice, two of my clients are wearing wedding rings (which our culture has us place on our left hand); both are wearing diamonds. While a Herkimer diamond isn't really a diamond at all (it's a double terminated clear quartz) diamonds also have their own properties. These women would also be absorbing the energy of the board. (That other green ring on her right hand looks like peridot, but I'm not 100% sure since it's only a photo).

Isn't it interesting that we wear a stone on our left hand - our feminine, creative, fluid, intuitive hand - to symbolize that we are married? Hmm. And the diamond - a traditional choice - is a crystal with its own set of properties (actually its a great eternal love stone - do you think that's a coincidence?). It's cool that people seek out different stones for wedding rings now!

What hand do you wear your jewellery on? Try swapping them around to see if you notice a difference, or better yet, choose your gemstone rings based on what you'd like to accomplish with them throughout the day.