Why you should look at your Mars in your birth chart

As you dig deeper into your astrology chart, reading your Planet Mars and what sign falls there may offer a lot of insight into how you respond to things, especially when they’re exciting or upsetting! Mars is a passionate planet, and having a better understanding of yourself in this area can dramatically improve your self-awareness because Mars represents how you often react:

Once you start to sink your teeth into the Sun, Moon and Rising signs in your birth chart, take a gander over to the Mars in your chart. Understanding this part of your personality requires you to dive a little deeper, and zero in on certain aspects of your personality and make up. It’s tough!

Mars is the planet of aggression. It offers insight into your survival instinct, your ambition style - even how you may charge through life. It also governs our desires, passionately and sexually, and even our energy levels. Understanding what sign you have this planet in can give you even more depth to discover the unique way you navigate this world.

Here is a quick look at what the signs mean when they’re in your Mars:


This is a natural, happy sign for Mars since Mars is ruled by Aries. Aries is intense and confident, and this affects how they channel their desires. People may be attracted to this ferocity and power. These people also tend to have a strong sex drive with this placement. Aries welcomes a pioneering spirit and intense drive. People with Mars in Aries are usually go-getters, always charging ahead toward something new. They are usually pretty comfortable with their sense of leadership, but they’re happy to do things alone. However when unhealthy, Mars in Aries can sometimes make you come on a little aggressively, which could be off-putting. Like, unhealthy Mars in Aries is intense - maybe even scary.


Taurus is practical and sensual. When Mars is in Taurus the drive can sometimes be toward comfort of material possessions. Having nice things is a good reason to work hard for a Mars in Taurus! Taurus is very grounded - slow! - and rooted, so when this sign is in a fiery planet, you may sometimes feel frustration. This sign is notorious for being stubborn, and when a Mars in Taurus gets set on something it can be hard to let go - especially a goal or habit or partner. This sexual style would be very sensual and pampering, loving to set the mood for their partners.


Gemini loves to talk and communicate, and this would dictate how they seek out lovers or work - through chatty connection! People with Gemini in Mars may get into heated fights that quickly turn sexual, and they may rely on their social skills and connections to advance in their careers and projects. Gemini knows it’s all about who they know. Just be careful not to be too quick to start fights just to prove your point. Mars is fiery and Gemini is chatty, so your words could get you into trouble, too! Mars in Gemini is all about mental stimulation, and “debating” could actually be kinda hot for you!


This is a tricky placement because Cancer is very sensitive, and can be moody. With a Cancer sign in Mars there is a bit of a juxtaposition, and this can be a hard placement to navigate. You will feel a lot intensely and quickly! Cancer is nurturing and likes to take care of things so feeling calm and safe will be important, but this is not what Mars represents. This means any disputes could feel extra terrible for this sign. It will be important to you to find your “home” in people and work in order to feel less crabby. When it comes to passion, Cancer will show its desires through nurturing and offering intense (Mars) love and affection - like spooning alllll night.


Mars and Leo are both fiery, and this is another happy placement. Leo is proud and expressive in Mars, and maybe a little showy! These people can motivate others around them and actually work well inspiring small or large groups. They rely on a bold charm in order to survive, and they are fond of really bold gestures in work and passion. Only the best for a Mars in Leo. The hunger for power can sometimes make these people come off a little intimidating or “too much”. In work, these people really just go for it. When they’re unhealthy, they may not see the signs that something isn’t right for them or those around them; they can be blinded by their goals or hubris.


Virgo can be a bit of a perfectionist and with Mars in this sign the way they work or let their passions guide them will be through “levelling up” or improving upon things. Since Mars is like a little dose of energy and Virgo likes to do things right and all the way, together it can make for a little bit of an obsessive nature. All the practical things will need to be covered before you can focus on work or even play. Mars is Virgo loves to make their partners feel like kings and queens - sometimes they can forget their needs though.


This is a hard one. Mars is the planet of war and Libra is the sign of love. Libra likes to keep things balanced and fair, but it can be challenging to “fight” that way. These people can either be extremely intense in their need for fairness - punching someone if they did something “unfair” would actually kind of make sense to this sign - or they may “fight” in a peaceful, calm way, never backing down to prove their point. And since Libra likes things done in pairs, usually, they’ll be intense about partnerships or coupling. This pairing makes for a lover who loves to be adored! Justice and fairness is very dominating in this placement.


Mars in Scorpio! These are both intense signs! This is a pretty extreme placement and if you have your Mars in Scorpio you will know exactly how extreme you can be. This means BIGGER passion, BIGGER fights, BIGGER ambition. These people are drawn to a certain style of twisted soul, or a person who has been through some shit. They channel their ambition intensely, but because this is a water sign it affects their passion and pursuits a little more than work-related things. That being said, Mars in Scorpio works pretty hard on all things. You can really get things done and that passion can be intimidating to those who don’t understand it.


Back in the house of fire! The sign of Sagittarius is all about exploring and boundary pushing, and this works well in the sign of survival instincts, aggression, ambition and passion. This will bring out a competitive streak in you as well. Whether it’s hunting for a new job, traveling the world, feeling free in your relationships, or trying all kinds of wild things in the name of passion. Push the limits. Go there. You’re designed to. Mars in Sag may struggle with being tied down, and will NEED to feel a sense of freedom in most pursuits. You’re designed to be free in this area, so do your best to honour that and feed your soul how you need to (in a way that makes sense).


Mars is considered exalted in the sign of Capricorn, because Capricorn is the sign of mastery. This is a powerful placement - what can’t you do? Mars has that potent DOER energy and drive, and Capricorn is willing and ready to conquer. This is a great placement for career advancements, thriving rather than surviving. But this energy can tiptoe over into workaholism, so keep your antenna up. And in regards to passion and desires - this is a sensual Earth Sign, ready to give it your alllllll. Hot.


This is a pretty passionate pairing all about progressiveness, openness and not giving an eff about social norms. Mars in Aquarius is going to do what she wants to do. With Mars’s intensity and Aquarius’s eccentric charm, passion may come in bursts, about all kinds of subjects. This is an experimental placement, less focused on perfection rather than gaining experience, learning and growing. Evolving. This can make for an extremely social person - needing to go out and experience and make change.


This is an interesting placement because Mars can be extreme, and Pisces is very caring, loving and empathetic. This sign could sometimes be taken advantage of in this planet because they so badly want to help. They love love, and really want to make others around them feel good and loved. They’re instinct is to help and to love. This doesn’t make for a “watered down” Mars Sign - this can still be an intense placement! But their motivations come from a deeper place than some of the other placements. Pisces can drown others when in this placement, too, fighting and going there with the hurt; Mars in Pisces knows how to hurt you, but whether or not they choose to will depend on their feelings at that time.