Introducing Little Box of Rocks

I promise you this is the next big thing to hit the crystal community. Little Box of Rocks is lighting up the scene today as a beacon to thoughtful gift giving. And we could all give better gifts. The same way you send a bouquet of flowers to someone deeply important to you, LBOR has expanded this idea by sending crystal bouquets. CRYSTAL BOUQUETS. With magically themed bouquets such as Moonstruck (romance), Wildfire (success), Sunlight (get-well), Wildflower (going away), Stardust (birthday), and so many more, there is a bouquet for every special moment.

With handpicked crystals in each bouquet, some gifts include herbs, rock salts and more. The crystals in each bouquet are meant to help the recipient on her journey by giving the bouquet that never dies. Each bouquet also includes a secret... a special message meant only for the person you are sending to. In ancient times, special objects such as animal furs, herbs, and stones were kept and carried in secrecy as protective talismans. It was believed that the secret itself was what maintained the power of the items. LOBR has adopted this notion. This creates a unique bond between sender and recipient, and protects the energy and intention of the bouquet. And while I'm all for flowers - I'm definitely all for crystals. I chat with creator and friend, Kiera Fogg, so she could divulge more about Little Box of Rocks, and of course - we're doing a giveaway so you can experience this for yourself.

Rogue Wood: What inspired you to start Little Box of Rocks?

Kiera Fogg: Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated with crystals. I grew up spending many of my summers camping in Northern Ontario… I remember thinking there was something magical about each and every rock, particularly if I found one with a sliver of pyrite or quartz in it. I definitely kept this fascination with me as an adult when I started to collect crystals in my twenties. And then one day, it was right after my third son was born, I had this moment when I was bathing him and suddenly the name just popped into my head. Little Box of Rocks. It was like a lightning bold. Very sudden and strong and gave me chills. I thought why isn’t anybody already doing this?!

RW: So how does it work?

KF: Just like a flower shop, we offer a collection of bouquets for every occasion. Sender’s simply select the bouquet that best matches the thought or occasion. Our bouquet’s are all personalized, so senders will fill in names and a personally written secret. Keeping the secret is an integral part of our gift-giving experience as we believe it guards the energy of the bouquet, and creates a meaningful connection between sender and recipient.

RW: Do you have a favourite bouquet?

KF: I had so much fun selecting the crystals and writing the inspirational messages in each bouquet, so in a way, each one feels like my little crystal baby. But our Moonstruck bouquet (Romance/Love/Anniversary) was one of the first ones that I dreamed up. The name felt magical and it inspired the whimsical feel of the rest of the bouquets. Plus, I just think crystals make the perfect meaningful gift in a romantic relationship. They show thought and care, and are small enough to tuck into a clutch or pocket as a reminder of the bouquet’s message.

RW: We’re big crystal lovers at RW, but why crystal bouquets?

KF: Crystals are the perfect item for a bouquet! They’re each believed to have specific metaphysical properties that can come together to form such a unique and thoughtful gift – it’s like sending actual positive energy in the mail. We’re surprised that we’re the first to do it!   

RW: Hear, hear! I'm a nuummite and moonstone lover. Do you have a favourite crystal? 

KF: My favourite crystal changes quite frequently, but right now I’m loving pyrite. I have a sparkly cluster that sits on my desk to represent positive energy and success. I think it really just fits with the stage I’m at in life. I’m done having kids and really focusing on unleashing my creativity in business, and pyrite is perfect for that. Plus I’m obsessed with gold. I have gold accents all over my house – the desk I work at is a French Louis XV style piece trimmed in gold… even my computer has a gold case. It reminds me to stay centred in an abundant state.

RW: What does a typical day look like for your as the creator of LBOR?

KF: Well I am mom to three boys under the age of five, so I hit the ground running. Typically, I try to wake up an hour or so before they are up and take some time for myself. I’ll read something motivational or watch a short video that inspires me. I find that when I start my day inspired, my entire day seems to unfold more effortlessly. Then it’s getting the kids off to school, stopping in at the post office and then coming home to take care of business – fulfilling orders, managing inventory and working on the marketing side of things. Every day is somewhat different, but I have to say that reading people’s secret messages during our pre-launch has been the most fulfilling. Sometimes they’re funny or silly, but most often people say the most beautiful, poetic things to each other. I love that I get to be a part of that.

RW: You’re a mother of three! What do your boys think about crystals?

KF: They are wayyyyyy into crystals, just like their momma. The two older boys have a rock collection that they bring out for every guest. They’ll pull out a Celestite crystal and say “this one helps me talk to angels.” And then I have to try to explain our crystal obsession to, you know, someone like the cable guy, which can be interesting…

RW: I'm dying! Kids are always fascinated with rocks. I’m noticing there is usually a catalyst into a person’s crystal journey: what got you started on yours?

KF: Right after my first son was born, it was like my intuition just skyrocketed. I noticed I’d have these vivid dreams that would turn out to be pretty accurate in real life. I think that logic can only get us so far. There’s definitely more to life than what science can tell us, and I just became fascinated by the mystery of all of it. I suppose that’s the allure of crystals. They’re filled with love, mystery, and magic. What else is there?

RW: So how did you come up with the different bouquets?

KF: Since our business model is just like a flower shop, our general themes were easy. Selecting the crystals that went into each bouquet was quite the process though. Especially the Stardust (birthday) bouquet, which can be customized with the astral stones for each zodiac. I had to make myself an expert in astrology. Now I’m reading every person I meet based on their star sign – like oh, look at your beautiful, art-filled home… you’re obviously a Libra!

RW: I used to do that when I worked in finance. Oh, you're a Capricorn? Say no more! Astrology is really fascinating once you carve into it. But what can you reveal about you - the woman behind this beautiful idea? 

KF:  Well, I’m fascinated with all things magical – I’ve always secretly thought I might be a witch (like Glenda the good witch, not the wicked one), and my mind is always running. There is always something going on in there, yet I absolutely hate being asked what’s on my mind. If I had to pick a power animal, it would be a tie between a spider (I have a major spider phobia, which means I literally see them everywhere) and a cat. I have a theory that things aren’t good or bad, they just are.

RW: Let’s do a little rapid fire. What’s the first thing that comes to mind with the following:

RW: Night owl or early bird gets the worm?
Both. The key is to know when to press forward and when to pause and give yourself space.
RW: Fave drink?
Oh gosh, I should not say wine… I will not say wine. It’s totally herbal tea or one of Rogue Wood’s fancy drinks… but not red wine. :)
RW: Whatevs. Mine's red wine. Best book of all time?
A Course In Miracles. Literally every sentence contains a piece of profound wisdom.
RW: The perfect Sunday?
Absolutely no agenda other than a run, a long bubble bath and cuddle time with my babies.
RW: If you were an article of clothing what would you be?
Do black, knee high boots count? Cause these boots are made for walkin’. ;)
RW:  What are you currently listening to? 
The last five songs I’ve played are: Wrecking Ball (Scars on 45), Love Me Like You Do (Ellie Goulding), Wildest Dreams, (Taylor Swift, don’t judge), Ship to Wreck (Florence + The Machine), Believe (Mumford & Sons)
RW: YEAH! I'm all over the new Florence and Mumford. What are you currently reading?
KF: Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, by Elizabeth Gilbert. This woman is the true embodiment of inspiration.
RW: Get out! I couldn't find that anywhere and have been looking for it! OK sorry - last but not least: 
Salty or sweet?

KF: Oh. The potato chips will always win.


Curious about the new way to send a bouquet? Check out RW's instagram for a chance to win one of these beauties for yourself. The winner will be able to choose any one of the bouquets featured here for herself and one of her lucky friends will win one, too!