Rogue Wood Supply jewellery collaboration with Sarah Cameron

A skill I don't have - but reeeeally wished I possessed - is making gorgeous pieces of jewellery. I think one of the best ways to work with stones and crystals is to actually wear them as jewellery. It solves that annoying problem of tucking stones in your pocket (or bra if you're sans pockets, and permanently wearing yoga pants).

When Sarah Cameron approached me about a jewellery collaboration, pairing her fine jewellery business with RW's crystal expertise (and obsession), it felt like a match made in crystal heaven.

When Sarah and I first sat down over coffee to talk about the collaboration's potential, and what exactly we wanted to do together, we were both constantly checking our phones in between scribbling notes. I had Hawksley at home battling a cold, and Sarah also had a son at home that she was still breastfeeding. I remember, right away, feeling really grateful that we were both on the same page professionally, but also personally.

So we sent a lot of 8PM, 9PM, 10PM back and forth emails after the boys were in bed. We set lofty launch date goals that quickly zoomed by. We tabled meetings because a little one was sick, or childcare fell through. Sketches and designs were sent back and forth, many decisions made over our laptop screens. We were two entrepreneurs who were trying to make work and motherhood jive, and that can sometimes feel like an impossible job.

So when we were finally ready, we launched on a Friday, at noon, when each of our boys would be napping. Nap time gave us room where we could actually hit LAUNCH online, or on our instagrams (and thankfully both boys did go to sleep on time, which isn't always the case).

I know that no one really cares about these details, because hey - we just want to look at and buy pretty things - but I think they are really important to bring up, especially when we are considering buying from and supporting a small business and maker.

There is this really great movement and community around small businesses, but you have to know that this, obviously, also brings competition. That's why I love collaborations because they help raise up two (or more) tiny businesses, and they take away some of the "me vs you" that small businesses can feel against one another.

In an already really difficult career choice such as self-employment, the last thing we need is aggressive, pit in your stomach, competition against one another. Why on earth is there a default emotion of competition, when we should be celebrating others trying to do the things we are doing, even if they are similar? There is absolutely enough room for all of us.

I know Sarah feels this in the jewellery community, and even I feel it in the crystal/self-care community. And I wish that wasn't true! I'm sure it exists in nearly every category out there. But working with Sarah and hearing about the business she has built was so inspiring to me as a business owner. It was also really inspiring to me as a mother.

So, Sarah, thank you for the instagram message that kicked this all off, and thank goodness we met each other at a local maker market.

OK! Enough mush! Here are the deets on our first collaboration:

We had lofty goals, but we did pair it down. Thankfully, we plan to have more to offer in the future! We started with three studs, featuring different raw stones - but it was important to us to maintain a high level of quality. We went with 14K gold posts, since so many of the studs we saw out there were on other materials that didn't seem to fit the power of the crystals we chose. Each set also comes with a crystal properties outline, so you know what the crystals you're wearing actually can offer you from an energetic perspective. Many people don't realize crystal jewellery also has energy! Check out how to energetically cleanse your crystal jewellery here.

Herkimer Diamonds were my absolute must-have in this collab, because they are insanely powerful crystal healers (and work really well when worn near the head), and they're also impeccably beautiful. I wear a pair everyday! They took us a long time to source because we were so picky with the stones. We wanted them quite sizeable, and well-matched, since no two stones are alike. So I'm happy to say, each crystal is handpicked by the two of us. 

And yes. We did source a bunch that weren't good enough, so they never made the cut.

Herkimers are attunement stones, and they can help you feel more connected to your own spirit, but also to other people or even places. If you're looking to stimulate that sense of bonding and connection to something in your life, this is a really great stone choice. They have pure life force energy, which can help you to really propel in multiple areas in your life, especially if you need a little push. They help with confidence and personal wisdom, and can really help you reach for high achievements. They are one of my personal absolute faves.

You can buy them here.

Rose Quartz were a no-brainer for us, because A) they're love stones, and B) they're pink! In my experience, everyone can use a little more self-love, and that's exactly what Rose Quartz can attract your way. But it also invites romantic love! If you're looking to attract that sense of love and abundance into your life, working with Rose Quartz is a great choice.

It's also incredibly healing to the heart's energy, so it's a good choice if you have been through traumatic experiences or events, and need gentle, soothing, loving energy around you. Again, wearing this near the head is very effective, but it would also be a good choice to wear near the heart, too. Thankfully, your lobes are close to this area, and you will feel the benefits.

We sourced crystallized Rose Quartz, which comes from a specific place and is therefore more rare than most harvested Rose Quartz you can find.

You can buy them here.

I am obsessed with these Black Tourmaline studs. They are the "rock-and-roll" vibe that I felt this collection needed. The Herkimers felt timeless and classic, and the Rose Quartz felt romantic, so this edgy, raw design with the Black Tourmaline really rounded out our first collection.

Black Tourmaline is incredibly brittle. If you've ever had a raw hunk of it, you'll be familiar with that stereotpyical "tourmaline dust" that can fall from this type of stone. To avoid this brittle, dusty potential, these stones are lightly smoothed/polished, but still retain their raw look. 

And the black and gold is ridiculously good.

Black Tourmaline is a really personal stone. It creates a strong link/bond with its owner. It is a super protective stone, and it sort of "attaches" to its owner to help prevent negativity from lurking around you. It draws in positivity and helps recharge your energy and gives you a little confidence boost, too. Soooo rock-and-roll. Did I mention they're black? They're black. Sarah and I really bonded over the colour black. Win.

You can buy them here.

A little behind the scenes tidbit: while Sarah and I were prototyping these, working on all the details people don't care about, we even yanked on each fastened stone - I even threw some across the room - to ensure the stones would stay mounted. I've had too many earrings where I yanked the crystal off while pulling on the butterfly earring back. It's completely devastating.

We're confident in what we've made and that you won't lose the stone in your earrings, but maybe don't toss them across your bedroom like I did. After all, that was a precautionary measure to make sure we had made them well and to our standards. Please be gentle with your earrings, but don't stress about breaking them either. We got you.

I hope you love our first collection.