My favourite way to give my intuition a workout

I'm not sure when I signed up for Anna Sayce's email, but I do remember the night I discovered what I call the intuition workout that she provided in her newsletter. I ended up pouring through her back newsletters just to keep stretching my intuition. I called Derek into the room to see if he could give it a try, too, and our results were out of this world.

Anna Sayce's website hails as a down-to-earth intuitive training and spiritual development oasis for those who are looking to explore their spiritual side with some elbow grease. She offers tips and training to help awaken psychic abilities that may be dormant in some of us. The best part? She provides tools that show immediate progress. I love that! Anna's website is really great for the skeptic, and for the adept mystic. The little workout that Derek and I have fun with is part of a series that Anna calls the Intuitive Experiment.


In this series, Anna posts an image of a person, inviting readers to test out their intuitive abilities by judging the person in the image. She provides two images so we can get a more dynamic view of the person, since a single photo can sometimes be misleading. (I know there have been some very misleading photos snapped of me around Thanksgiving dinner... just saying

I know we are taught not to "judge a book by its cover" but I'm an author and I'll tell you one thing about writers: every author knows how important her cover is - because we always judge a book by its cover. The cover can be the reason why someone does or doesn't pick up your book.

But we have trained ourselves not to listen to that voice, because it has sometimes led us astray.

Here's what's different about the Intuitive Experiment: Anna asks you to try to pick up on character traits that the person in the photo may have. Bypass your opinions about their appearance, and listen to that little voice that usually gives you a feeling in the pit of your stomach.

That little voice in your head that pricks up with an opinion when you first see someone? Listen to that. Don't shut it off like we normally tell ourselves to. The Intuitive Experiment encourages readers to tune into that little voice. She encourages you to blow past the judgmental things about appearances or stereotypes, but to tap into the feelings you get about a person. 

"Hmm, something about this guy gives me the creeps."

"I feel like this woman is a really determined, hard worker."

"I'm sensing something with science or math - like he's studious and quiet."

Anna then asks the reader to determine if we trust the person in the photo, or if he or she reminds us of anyone. She chooses dynamic people, sometimes heroic, intelligent and admirable people, and sometimes Anna chooses crooks, villains or individuals with multi-faceted backgrounds.

Because of her wide selection, it's impossible to go into the experiment with a bias. 


When Derek and I tune in to give the little intuition workout a try, we both stare at the images provided and write down our first impressions of the person we are looking at. We don't look at what the other is writing down. We scribble words on the paper, being mindful to listen to those little quips that pop into our head like, "I get an icky feeling and I don't know why," or "for some reason I'm seeing a bank. Is this person a banker? Is he rich?" After a few minutes, we stop writing and compare notes. Sometimes our scribbles overlap and sometimes they're unique.

Anna encourages people to comment on the post she shares, and you can see some of the opinions other people had. I find this super cool because many of the comments overlap with my own - or Derek's - so we know that there are more people out there picking up or tuning in to the same frequencies about the person in the image that we are. It's pretty powerful how much we can get just from a picture.

The next week, Anna posts who the person ACTUALLY is, AND IT'S SO CRAZY! You get to see if you were right on any of your points.

For example, that "banker, or money" I was tapping into? That person was actually a highly successful criminal who had performed many bank heists. I wasn't wrong, but I had misinterpreted the information - and this is something that can happen a lot with psychics.


Sometimes, Derek and I fall down the well and we try experiment after experiment since Anna has a nice little stockpile on her website. That way, we don't have to wait for the newest experiment's results that only come a week later.

By performing these experiments back-to-back, I personally discovered my particular flavour in reading. I always seemed to pick up on past experiences. I would see a woman and know immediately if she had a troubled youth, if she had many divorces, if she had children, or if she experienced unfortunate circumstances in her past.

I also found it easier to pick up on negative experiences that had shaped a person, rather than positive ones. Sometimes, a person would be on display in the experiment, and I just wouldn't be picking up much. That's because my intuition tends to zero in on hardships that mould a person into who they are. If a person had lead a pretty fantastic life, I had a harder time reading them.

It sounds a little morbid, I know. But all that meant was I had to try harder to explore current things happening with that particular person, or the highlights of his or her life. I also discovered I had a particular knack for past-life readings through these experiments. The more experiments I did, the more accurate I got at reading.


And sometimes Anna is sneaky. In one particular reading, I kept getting a strange feeling about the person in question. It was a simple man in a plain suit. For some reason, I kept getting a very feminine vibe from him but there was nothing that indicated I should feel as such. I started to see little girls around him - and that gave me a bad feeling. Oh no... is this guys a pedophile? So I wrote "feminine?" down with my other scribbles.

As I scrolled down to read the comments after, I saw that other people were also picking up on that same feminine vibration.


"Is this man a homosexual?"

"Does this guy really love women or something? Has he had a lot of wives?"

"Why am I getting a girly vibe from this alpha male?"

"Did he murder a bunch of women?"

And then low and behold, the results came in a week later. Ah ha! Anna, you sneak. This particular person had had a sex change many years prior when he was younger, and was actually born a woman. I looked at the image again, and there was no way I could have ever known that. He was very masculine, and yet something about his aura was feminine. Cool. He wasn't a pedophile (there's my tendency to go morbid on my readings), but I was picking up on all the young girlfriends and playmates he had when he had been a little girl. Another nod to picking up pasts as my personal flavour.

It was neat to see all the different ways people had picked up on that energy, but couldn't pinpoint it exactly.


If you're looking for something fun and different to test out your psychic abilities, I highly recommend this experiment. Oh, and this isn't a sponsored post. I just really believe in what Anna is sharing.

Try it with a friend? I find this experiment works really well when you do it with someone else. It's neat to see what you pick up on and what the other person picks up on based on the photos Anna provides. Just try not to look at the comments first before reading the person, because you don't want to taint the vibes you're getting on your own. Try this one! The results are here.