Inner World Outer World Tarot Spread

Sometimes there can be a disconnect between our inner world and outer world. I know I’m often distracted by the busy nature of my outer world - especially the day-to-day routine, that I lose touch with what’s going on within.

The Inner World Outer World Spread helps you reconnect to what’s going on inside, while still paying attention to how your outer world is influencing and affecting you within. This spread offers insight into how you can best work with some features in your outer world without overlooking your inner world.

This spread requires you to cut the deck SEVEN times, and draw the top card from each cut.

Below, you'll find directions for the Inner World Outer World spread:


Light incense or burn your favourite herbs, and smoke cleanse your crystal and divination/tarot cards to set your sacred ritual. Once complete, hold your cards against your chest and call in spiritual support to assist you with your reading. When you’re ready, shuffle your cards and cut them SEVEN times, placing them into seven separate piles. Draw the top card from each pile, placing them in the arrangement above; your final card placed at the base of the spread. Keep your cards facedown, and flip one card over at a time, digesting the cards meaning to fully understand its position in the spread.



This card is drawn first and placed to the left of the lower row. It represents your thoughts and how they may be affecting you or hindering you. Pay attention to all aspects of this card, because you may be conscious of this part of your behaviour, but you also may not.


Card two is placed beside the first card in the bottom row. It represents your current emotions, often different from the mind. This is a deeper desire and motivation within. It comes from the heart, and isn’t always obvious since the mind can be “loud”.


Card three is placed in the final spot of the bottom row. The body often tries to send us signals and signs to give us insight into our physical health. It connects with the thoughts and feelings to shed light on how we are conducting ourselves based on our thoughts and feelings.



Card four is placed above the bottom row, in the left-most position. This card reveals the energy around your work life, and how it is affecting your outer world.


Card five is placed beside card four, in the middle of the upper row. This card, unlike the love we feel within, shows insight on your current romantic life or romantic involvement with others. It offers insight into the relationship or lack of one.


Card six is placed to the right of card five, on the right-hand side of the upper row. This card offers insight into your home life, including your physical home or the relationships of the family or people who live there.


Card seven is placed at the entire base of the spread and acts as the overall theme in your life at this moment in time. It represents the greater lesson your spirit is striving for or what the theme is of your current path.

I'm using the Kawaii Tarot Deck