How to use moon magic in your practice

Being in tune to the moon to reap the benefits of its power is a very spiritual and beautiful act to familiarize yourself with. The moon is blessed with some deeply feminine energies and can help you feel more connected to the female side of yourself, whether you're a man or a woman. The moon's phases hold different energies, and different phases are good for different things. And while we can still practice mindfulness while the moon is waxing and waning (growing and shrinking) I like to use that time to prep for the two most beneficial phases. And by beneficial, I mean biggest energy shifts. By re-syncing yourself to the moon cycles, you can supercharge your abilities, set yourself mindfulness reminders and learn how to be more in tune with your body. Below are 10 ways to use the moon's energy during full and new moons:


Despite sounding redundant, full moon energy is very full. Big. High energy. Enlivening. It is often a symbol of completion and celebration, since its energy is its most potent. Humans and animals often feel more energetic and supercharged under full moons, and this energy can be channelled into items as well. Below are a few tips on how to harness full moon magic:

1. Give your tarot cards a moon bath to cleanse them for use. Since the moon has really strong intuitive energy, this practice will supercharge your tarot cards and attune them to you, helping you provide more intuitive and psychic readings. Place the cards in front of your window overnight so the full moon can bathe them in her light. They will be ready for use the following morning.

2. And while we're on the subject of tarot cards, the Full Moon Card Pull is a great little ritual to give yourself when Luna sparkles her brightest in the sky. Pull one card from your favourite pack of tarot cards with the intention to receive guidance for the next month or next lunar cycle (28 days). Keep this card on your bedside table or on your altar to stay reminded throughout the month.

3. Much like tarot cards, giving your crystals a moon bath helps to cleanse them and recharge them for use. Crystals can hang on to stagnant energy so it is important to keep them clean so they can work their magic for you. Placing the crystals that need cleansing under the light of a full moon helps reinvigorate them. You can leave your crystals outside, safe from the elements or you can place them indoors in front of a window. And since each full moon holds a unique energy, you can even plan what added attributes you'd like your stones to have with my Crystal Cleanse Moon Phase Calendar.

4. Got that icy winter moon? Catching falling snow on a full moon produces purified water. Slap a dish outside, let it catch the snow and then bring the dish inside to melt and reap the benefits. Winter magic is very purifying and can produce strong practices. Sure, it may be a time to hibernate, but its solitude can help promote the solitary act of magical study.

5. Since the moon's energy is so feminine, inviting all your gal pals over once a month for a moon gathering is a great way to tap into that strong goddess energy. Drink wine or serve some treats, be mindful, share laughs, and sit in candlelight with cozy blankets. Reflect. Bond. Nest. Feel safe. Create a safe haven to talk about all the spiritual or magical things you're curious about without having to feel nervous or embarrassed. Give tarot readings, exchange sage or herb bundles, show your new crystals or have a reiki exchange. Doing this - just by inviting over likeminded close friends who are also curious about this sort of thing, is exactly how I got my start. These women exposed me to new ideas and items, and had me looking forward to seeing them all together at this one specified time per month. It's easy to plan. And it's always a good time. There is something very magical, very strong and very soothing about unified women. Find. Your. Coven. 

6. Give yourself a moon bath! While I always like to gather on full moons and use its enlivening energy to bond with others (hello, parties), some of us are more introverted or we are going through a time that has us craving alone time. In the Rogue Wood Botanical Grimoire, there are a list of items perfect for adding to your bath to reap the benefits, like uber attraction on your next date with your new beau, attracting a new love, promoting forgiveness and much more. The full moon has stronger energy than other moon phases, and since this potent energy is more effective, having your supercharged moon baths with the appropriate accoutrements (herbs, gems, etc) will give your spell/intention that much more gusto.


The new moon hides dark in the sky. It represents a time for renewal, solitude and reflection. It is a great time to initiate new goals or ideas, or to "sew the seeds" of a new project. But it's not a time to cast any spells if your practice typically leans that way. It was something harboured deep in me from when I was a younger wizette. The veil is thinner during new moons, meaning that it's easier for other entities or spirits to find you, so by opening yourself up by casting, channelling or communing, you might catch some unwanted energy in your net. Below are a few tips on how to harness new moon magic:

1. Since we know the veil to the other world is thinner on new moons, give your space a ritual cleanse! In the moon cycle, the new moon is the time to do any big cleanses since the vibes are very purifying, be that a juice cleanse or a home cleanse. A ritualistic home cleanse is a great way to harness the new moon energy and gives you the perfect opportunity to set up your protection amulets for the month. Open your cupboards, shake out the rugs, move the couch, run some vinegar through the washing machine (that gets out musty scents guys), and banish any old, stagnant, lingering vibes. When you're finished, place all your protection items in their place. Check out this post to help you out. These stones are also pretty great.

This is also a great way to get out of a bad date... "No, sorry Jesse, I can't tonight. I need to do my ritual cleanse. KBYE." Just saying.

2. If you're wanting to make any changes in your life, like lose ten pounds or start a book, doing it under the new moon is the right time. Set intentions at this time by writing down your goals or wishes on a blank piece of paper. Keep the paper sealed in an envelope and store it on your bedside table or altar for one moon cycle. Don't tuck your envelope away because you want to be reminded of your goals, and every time you sneak a peek at that envelope, the new moon energy will seep out. Come the next new moon, burn the paper inside, and write your goals/intentions out again on a new paper. Seal it in the same envelope, and repeat until your goals are achieved.

3. The New Moon Meditation is a deeply healing practice that I encourage everyone to get in the habit of doing. When the night falls, spend some time sitting or lying comfortably on your bed and ask your spirit guides to join you for a reflection over the past month. Ask them to show you your ups and downs, your mistakes, your moments of glory and every thing in between. Spend approximately one hour reflecting over the past moon cycle, and allow your heart to slow and your mind to clear. If you never meditate but always mean to, the New Moon Meditation is a great practice to adopt. Allow yourself carved out time to reflect so you can release all the clogged energy you accumulated over the month.

4. Annnnd give yourself a moon bath! A New Moon bath that is. Instead of using the moon's energy to infuse you with specific powers for the month, use the new moon to cleanse yourself, stripping you of accumulated energy, old wishes and vibes, and give yourself a clean slate. Scrub and clean your body, use all the fun bath things you've been saving, and visualize worshipping yourself as all your accumulated baggage is wiped away. Bathing is a very spiritual practice, so don't zoom through your soak. Relax. Have some wine. Light some candles. Play some tunes. Add your bath salts. Chill. Use the things that make you feel magical. Celebrate your dark female side, your primitive female instincts just like the dark side of the moon.


The moon has the ability to affect the tides of our vast oceans. Naturally, our bodies are made up of a lot of water, so it's no surprise the moon affects us just like it does the ocean. Before birth control and adjusting the way our bodies are hardwired, women used to menstruate and ovulate according to the moon's cycles. The moon is no doubt an incredibly powerful light body, and syncing your cycle back up to the moon is not only healthy it can really help you feel like a Moon Goddess. By bringing your body back to this natural health cycle and being in tune with the moon, multiple areas of your life will benefit; just try it! Check out this great article on how to re-sync yourself up to the moon's patterns and balance your hormones.

Moon magic is potent! Getting accustomed to its energy opens you up to so many new possibilities and truly makes you feel more connected - to your planet, your loved ones and most importantly to yourself. Re-syncing yourself and then harnessing good ol' Luna's energy is a sure way to start yourself down your magical path. How do you use the moon's energy? 

This post acts as a guide on how to work with new and full moons, but it is important to always be mindful of the other energy of the universe that can affect us, like mercury retrograde, eclipses, and more.