How to use sage to smoke cleanse your home

Whenever there has been a disturbance in my home, be that an argument, a bout of anxiety or depression, or even a big mess, (hello, small children) I like to do a smoke cleanse. Sage is a versatile herb that comes in many varieties, and while you may have heard of white sage being used in Native American ceremonial practices such as smudging, smoke cleansing your space with sage is something different. 

Saging offers an energetic cleanse to any person or space, but all sage varieties are purifying! If you can, try not to use white sage as it is being over-harvested. You can grow your own sage, like pineapple sage, purple sage, garden sage and many more. And please be mindful to understand the difference between smoke cleansing and smudging, because they are very different.


Sometimes, disturbances within the home can leave an energetic residue on our house's spirit, and that residue can affect the people that live within the home's walls. Sometimes, even when we clean our homes until they're spick and span - something still doesn't feel right. What is that?You guys. That's BAD VIBES. Energy lingers! 

Have you ever walked into a room and just got a bad feeling from it? Maybe you couldn't explain it, or maybe there was a constant stream of chills coursing down your back. Rooms/spaces hold energies, and sometimes entities. Do you keep having bad dreams in your room - cleanse it with herbal smoke and set out a protection crystal. Here are some other great herbs to use. 

Here's another example: If you have an argument in the living room with your significant other, that riff can linger in the space. For a visual, imagine your walls actually holding on to your harsh words, and all the malicious or negative intent and energy that was put into those words continue to hang out in the living room. Ridding the space of those emotions and feelings can keep your home in check. So here is a thorough look at how to cleanse your home so you can create a better sense of wellness in your personal space.

And I'm sure you can imagine the type of awful things that may have happened in a particular home. So, if you're moving into a new space, check out this post.


• dried sage or other herbs
• fire safe dish
• waft wand

There are a couple things you need in order to give your space a smoke bath. Most importantly, you'll need to get some dried herbsI grow mine all the time. It's super easy; here's how you can grow sage. Just make sure you dry it before burning it.

Next, find an fire safe dish to burn the dried herbs in. Any deep dish will work, but I recommend using something with a dark interior as your burning herbs/ashes will char your dish. 

You'll also need a waft wand to help waft the smoke around your home. Naturally fallen feathers are a beautiful gift from the universe - and often mean there are angels present with you when you find one. You can gather a few together to help direct the smoke into all the nooks and crannies of your space.


1. Open all your windows and doors in your home. Pull open the drawers and cupboards and anywhere energy could hide or linger. (You'll get better at discovering new places the more you practice smoke cleansing.)

2. Take a small cluster of dried herbs, and set it aflame in your fire safe dish. When it ignites, gently blow the flame out until a nice stream of smoke begins curling up to your ceiling. You may need to light a couple pieces but the cluster should usually catch. Be warned: the smell of burning herbs can be potent! You will definitely have preferences as you keep practicing.

3. Bring your dish to the left most side of your house, and begin wafting the smoke against the walls with your waft wand, being sure to get in every nook and cranny - especially those dark places like under beds or in closets.

Follow the left most side of your house while smoke cleansing. You might actually get all the way upstairs before you even finish your kitchen. If following your left most walls brings you upstairs or downstairs, follow it. You'll eventually get back to where you began.

4. And while you're wafting the smoke, ask all negative energy to evacuate your home and return to the light. Only invite in energy from the highest good for all involved. Keep repeating this mantra (or one that fits you) as you enter new rooms in your home. You may need to restock your herbs and relight it before completing your home's energetic cleanse. And that's OK. It happens to me every time. If you have any left over herbs burning when you're done, place the shell on a table in a safe place and let the leaves finish burning.

5. Discard your ashes by returning them to the earth. You can put the ashes in the compost outside or another natural place. These items are holding negativity within them, and you will want to dispose them in an ethical way. Try not to toss them down the toilet or in the garbage. Remember, smoke cleansing is a mindful practice using smoke tendrils to remove negativity from your sacred space.

When smoke cleansing, it's always important to remain fire safe, and not burn yourself on your dish. Be cautious while smoke bathing and mindful of what you're doing. Above all, building a respectful smoke cleansing and smoke bathing practice that works for you is most important. Was this post helpful to you?