How to make a Dream Pillow

Dream pillows have multiple uses. They can help with restless sleepers, encourage lucid dreaming and communicating with your guides, and they can even influence the type of dreams you have. A great alternative to a melatonin bottle, dream pillows are clever little bundles that pair aromatherapy techniques and crystal and herbal properties to enhance your relaxing bedtime rituals.

A dream pillow will last a couple days depending on how you fill the pillow, and there are a ton of different items you can tuck inside. But I would strongly recommend making one each night before bedtime as a calming bedtime ritual.

You can choose the items you place in your dream pillow based on aromatherapy, colourtherapy, and crystal and herbal lore that explore the energetic properties, moods and potentials associated with each stone and plant.

When making your dream pillow, you can either toss all the ingredients into your satchel or you can grind them into a fine powder. While the powder will help the items' scents blend together, it can also make a little mess in your satchel. If you don't mind replacing your satchels or washing them, I suggest grinding the items into a powder - but really, just tucking everything inside the satchel is just fine. Using little muslin satchels will help the scents to release, but any small satchel will work.

Once you've made your dream pillow, you can either tuck it under your pillow when you go to bed or tuck it inside your pillow's pillow case so the contents don't spill or fall onto the floor. You can also place it on your night table with your bedtime crystals.

Below are a few dream pillow recipes to try.

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• satchel, fabric or pocket
• herbs
• flowers
• essential oils
• salts


This pillow will help encourage romance, but it can really trigger some rather erotic dreams that might have you waking up at night. The vanilla is the real erotic trigger but unfortunately shortens the lifespan of the dream pillow to about two nights. The rose petals are great for loving thoughts, memories and triggers and the peppermint acts as an enhancer, making the dreams under the influence of this dream pillow much more vivid.


• peppermint leaves (fresh or dried)
• rose petals
• vanilla essential oil
*gather an amount that fits within your dream pillow


1. Coat your rose petals with some vanilla essential oil to avoid making a mess in your satchel. If you want to lengthen the life of your satchel, place the rose petals in the sun to dry before tucking them in the pillow.

2. Place the peppermint leaves and rose petals in the satchel and pair with a romance stone like rose quartz, pink aventurine or rhodonite.


I don't know about you, but whenever I have gone through a breakup, it seems my feelings get the best of me when I'm alone at night. Nighttime is when I do a lot of my thinking - and pining and dwelling - and I often can stay up for many extra hours totally unable to shut off my brain. When I left my corporate job, it felt like a breakup. I was totally grieving and unable to sleep soundly because I felt like I was leaving 500 clients behind, and letting them down. It was then that I first used this dream pillow, because the feelings of restlessness and unease I was feeling was comparable to some of the breakups of my youth. Lilacs are great for healing broken hearts, while lavender promotes peaceful sleeps. You'll find lavender makes its way into a lot of dream pillows for its fantastic sleep-inducing qualities. The epsom salts (or sea salt) helps to absorb the interrupting thoughts you come up with at night and gently transmutes them from your subconscious. My epsom salts were infused with lavender oil - another option for you if you have a lavender essential oil on hand. And while the salt won't permanently remove these thoughts from your spirit, they will for the night so you can catch some Zzzs.


• lilac
• lavender
• epsom salts (or sea salt)

This pillow is paired well with any black stone to help absorb negative energy. I suggest black tourmaline, onyx, nuummite, apache tear or obsidian. *Apache tear and onyx pictured


I read a book in preparation for my baby called Bringing up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman. Honestly, it was so refreshing and I highly recommend it for new and experienced moms. As someone with a French background, this book gave me hope in referencing multiple philosophies that the French have in raising their children - such as their babies "doing their nights" by three months old - when mom goes back to work. To many of us, that seems like a luxury but to the French, it is non-negotiable. This baby pillow includes dried basil, which is great for banishing nightmares or nighttime "visitors" that could be disturbing your baby, as well as soothing lavender to promote sweet dreams and a peaceful sleep, and hearty rose buds for loving energy when mom and dad can't be in the room. Petals will work as well, however I like to reserve petals for the dream pillows containing essential oils, as the petals absorb the oils, as explained above. And for your little ones, using a muslin bag might be a more natural choice. Just remember, as long as the satchel is kept a safe distance from baby at night, any little bag or pocket will work. These are modern times!


• rose buds
• lavender
• basil

This pillow is paired well with a kyanite crystal (a destroyer of negative energy) placed a safe distance away from your baby's crib, but tucked with your baby's dream pillow. Always remember not to have the dream pillow somewhere your baby can reach it.


Sometimes, despite our best intentions - and best bedtime rituals of quiet bath time, tea and reading poetry - our overactive minds can get the best of us. Adding a dream pillow recipe to your nighttime rituals can help soothe your spirit, and trigger your sense of smell throughout the night, to keep you traveling through those easy dreamscapes. In this bundle, palo santo can be substituted for dried sage, but the holy wood has a softer fragrance and still has the purification and cleansing properties that sage would, making it a magnet for sucking off stress that can be lingering in your aura. If you opt to use all essential oils, sprinkle the oil into the cleansing rock salt. The salt will hang onto the sooting scents all night long.


• chamomile (dried herb or essential oil)
• palo santo (sticks or essential oil)
• pink himalayan rock salt

This pillow is paired well with a amethyst, a protective dream stone, and celestite, a soothing stone perfect for those suffering from stress and anxiety. It is also an angel stone, inviting angelic guidance to carry you through dreamland.

Have you made any dream pillows before? Share your experiences with me to let me know what has worked for you and I might just test out your pillow myself! That means... I might share it in the future on RW! And of course, if you have any questions or help you're looking for in regards to your sleep time, I encourage you to connect with me in the comments below to see if I can help or if I have anything in the RW tool belt that might work for you. Sweet dreams!