How to make a crystal grid

Rogue Wood's most successful post of 2015 was How to Make a Basic Crystal Grid and to celebrate, I wanted to share a renewed version of this post using a slightly more complicated grid pattern. It is still very simple, but perhaps moving you crystal peeps into the intermediate level of gridding. HOW EXCITING! I wanted to create a grid to attract your best year yet: abundance, prosperity and the growth you're looking for. Get ready for a kick ass year:


Before you build your grid, be sure your stones are cleansed and sparkly clean. Here are some great ways to cleanse your stones; choose one that works best for you. Working with crystals that have built up or stagnant energy won't work their magic for you. You wouldn't wear a dress with baby puke on the shoulder to a Christmas party, would you? No way! You'd clean that shiz. Once your crystals are cleansed, you can do double duty by charging the crystals, and dedicating a specific role to them. For this case, you can hold your crystals in between your palms, one at a time, and tell the crystal (out loud or in your mind) that it will be helping you build a crystal grid and that it will be the A) centre stone to represent you, B) the complement stone to help draw in qualities such as 1, 2, + 3, or C) that it will be the conduit, sending all the good energy out for you to absorb.


Crystal gridding can be set up temporarily on a kitchen or coffee table or can be placed in a more permanent area, like on your personal altar. Learn how to make your own altar here. I usually place mind on my bedside table so it's near me during sleep time, a spot where I spend a lot of time consistently - say eight hours at a time. But it's not necessary to have the grid physically close to you, so long as it is in your personal space, like your home or on your work desk.

1. To attract your best year yet, it's important to choose a crystal that represents you. You can choose any crystal out there that you feel a connection to, or one that houses very specific properties you're hoping to adopt, like moonstone for femininity, lapis lazuli for feminine power, or labradorite for improved self-confidence and self-worth. I'm choosing jet for my personal stone, because it is a career stone, which is where I'm trying to focus 2016 since my maternity leave will be coming to a close, and it is also a black stone - meaning it's going to absorb negativity and trap it, keeping it away from me. It is a good idea to use a black stone as your centre stone mainly because it will keep those bad vibes off you. However for this grid, anything goes for your centre stone.

2 + 3. This grid is supercharged by two pairs of stones that help to enhance your goals for 2016. I've chosen citrine, a wealth and abundance stone, and also the "success" stone, and pyrite for its motivational properties and abilities in proposing creative and bold ideas. It's also a great stone to help manifest your desires and goals. Whichever crystals you choose, be sure that they complement your "big picture" goal. You will need two of each. Place them directly opposite one another, to form four points around your centre stone.

4. A necessary conduit for every crystal grid, seal your grid with four clear quartz points. Be sure the point is facing outwards, directing the energy of the centre stone and complement stones outward so it can surround you and fill your home. Clear quartz can be charged especially well compared to other stones, so when used in a grid it launches the energy of the other stones, amplifying and propelling it. Nice!


Points are naturally formed but can also be artificially made. A crystal with a point does not need to appear in a "wand-like" shape, but can have a raw edge with a faceted point that clearly directs energy. When these points are placed toward the body or an object they draw energy inward. Conversely, when they are pointed away, they extract energy and pull it out.