How to build a stress elimination crystal grid

Crystal grids are an incredible way to direct energy, pulling light, health and healing in through the crystal's core and directing it into a person or space. Grids can do far more than protect your home. They work wonders on the human body and chakra system. Since we live in such a fast-paced society, with plummeted adrenals and tired bodies that beg for recuperation, I wanted to share a stress elimination crystal grid. This grid is great to recharge your spirit. It uses amethyst, a wonderful protector and a "good for everything" crystal. Its vibration is incredibly strong, and combined with the grid outlined below - its energy is amplified. Its restorative vibration will leave you feeling light, refreshed and totally reinvigorated.


1. Eight amethyst points
2. Glass of water
3. Yoga mat
4. 10-20 minutes of undisturbed time


1. Lay out a yoga mat in a quiet space where you will not be interrupted. Keep a water bottle or glass of water just out of reach near the yoga mat.

2. Working with cleansed stones, place eight amethyst points around the yoga mat, approximately two feet away from where your body will be (or an arm length away), creating a halo around your mat. Be sure to place each point inward, directed toward your body. Place a crystal above where your head will be, one on either side of the neck, one by each hip and one beside each foot, on the outside of ankle. Place one between both of your feet, slightly below where your feet rest.

3. Lay on the mat taking a deep breath, counting to seven. Hold for four seconds, and exhale for a count of eight. Repeat this three times.

4. Recharge on your mat quietly for 20 minutes of undisturbed quality time, pulling in the energies of the crystals, and envisioning their energies coursing through your body, circling your spine.

5. When you are finished, drink the water you brought to help continuously move the energy through your system.

*Alternatively, you may place this grid around your bed, and sleep with them in place overnight. This is particularly helpful if you find you have trouble sleeping, are experiencing stress dreams (or anxious dreams around work), or are having difficulty shutting of the to-do list in your mind once your head hits the pillow. 


Points are naturally formed but can also be artificially made. A crystal with a point does not need to appear in a "wand-like" shape, but can have a raw edge with a faceted point that clearly directs energy, like the amethyst points used in the diagram above. When these points are placed toward the body or an object they draw energy inward. Conversely, when they are pointed away, they extract energy and pull it out.