How to be a moon maiden

Many of us are interested in connecting more deeply with the moon's energy. Dialing in to the moon's influence can have a big shift and impact on our self-care practices, and it can even make each day (and night!) feel a little more magical. I want to encourage everyone to get to know that big luminous orb in the sky. To get you feeling more magical and more connected, check out the 20 tips below:

1. Never be in bed before dark.
2. Grow your hair out.
3. Let yourself feel full. Let yourself feel empty.
4. Learn each monthly moon name. Thunder moon. Strawberry moon. Harvest moon.
5. Adopt an owl.
6. Learn to love the ocean.
7. Begin to love your shadow self.
8. Look for guidance in those who have seen more moons than you.
9. Be able to name two of Jupiter's moons.
10. Practice scrying on the moon's reflection atop a quiet lake.
11. Acquire moonstone and keep it on your person.
12. Have a cozy bed. Bonus points for those stick on stars on your ceiling.
13. Let out your femininity.
14. Moonlight at a bar at least once.
15. Talk to someone you love until the sun comes up.
16. Wear polish to emphasize the moons on your nail beds. 
17. Know at least six constellations.
18. Marry an astronaut. 
19. Be an astronaut.
20. Don't be afraid of the dark.