Modern Mystic's Guide to a High Vibe Bedroom

Some of the best bedroom essentials are the right wall colour, the right bed, and the right moon phase. But sometimes you need a little extra when it comes to creating the most serene space possible. I've always struggled with restorative sleep; I just can't always shut off my brain at night! I wanted to share my favourite items to use to help create the perfect bedtime ambiance.

Love and sleep stone(s)

A properly placed crystal in the bedroom is a game changer. And one of the biggest negative influences in the bedroom - especially for sensitive empaths - is having too many crystals in your bedroom. Keep your crystals stored somewhere outside of the room, like the office or living room. Crystals can project a lot of energy, and that can actually disturb your sleep.

First, clear your room of all your crystals. Then, locate your love corner or romance sector of your room. The romance sector is the back right corner of your bedroom: standing in your doorway, facing into your room, identify the back right corner. Place a piece of Rose Quartz here to activate your love luck.

If you find you are more stressed or anxious than normal, you can also grid your bed with Amethyst (here's a how-to right here), as Amethyst is a great stress-reduction crystal that helps promote restoration. 

Lastly, Moonstone is a great stone to tuck beneath your pillow, or within a dream pillow. Under a full moon, having this stone on you can promote lucid dreaming. Keep a little piece by your bedside if you're hoping for some insight or clarity at night. If you're a natural dreamer, this crystal will help make your dreams more memorable. It helps to write down your dreams to retain their information, so tuck this little stone on top of a dream journal by your night stand and let me know how it goes.

Salt lamp

I like to sleep in total darkness, so I was a little reluctant to have a salt lamp in my room, despite reading all the goodness they offer. Salt lamps really only "work" when they're on, because the light within generates heat, helping the salt to release all of its healing benefits. However, I have been obsessed with my So Well Himalayan Salt Lamp since the day it arrived. My husband loves it just as much, and he has claimed the lamp for his side of the bed. Thanks to the dimmer switch, we leave it on really low all night long, and we 100% reap the benefits. When I discovered a salt lamp with a dimmer switch, it went from cool to LUXURIOUS. The light isn't harsh, and it's soooo warm, inviting and relaxing. But the real kicker is how this hygroscopic lamp - when turned on - produces negative ions that are just like sleeping with the windows open and getting a big healing dose of nature. It purifies our bedroom air, and our sleeps have been extremely restful.

The difference is honestly night and day.

Our salt lamp was a total home run. But not every salt lamp is created equal! I trust these guys over at So Well thanks to their openness about Fair Trade, and how the lamps work. Lamps can range from $20 to $500. You can check out some of my favourites here. I've got my eye on this little guy for my son's room.

Dream Journal

Our dreams are loaded with information just waiting to be decoded. We dream to help relieve ourselves of all the day's stresses - the more dreams point to level of stress from the day that our body needs to work through. 

I'm a big fan of bedtime rituals because they help the body unwind and prepare for sleep. There is a lot of power in rituals! Before bed, writing out your final thoughts of the day is a healthy practice to fall into. It helps your subconscious begin to work through and release the events and emotions you experienced through the day. And, if you wake up in the middle of the night, having your journal handy to scribe your dream down quickly is a great benefit. We often forget our dreams! Writing it down when its fresh in your mind (or upon waking in the morning) keeps you accountable in staying connected with yourself, and also gives you the chance to decode your dreams - before you forget them!

I love the Eye and Moon notebooks by Worthwhile Paper - I've been through a few of them already!

Bedtime mist or dream pillow

Aromatherapy has been a big help in getting my sleep patterns back on track - especially after having a baby and waking up so many times throughout the night. Smelling the same thing at the same (or at least similar time) each night helps train your body that it is time to unwind and relax. When you smell a relaxing scent - the same scent - each night, it sends off triggers in your mind and body. This is where the power of rituals lie! Your body loves the rhythm of ritual.

There are a couple ways you can do this, but this is the primary reason I developed Hibernate bedtime spray for the supply shop; I love my bedtime rituals and I know there is a lot of power. Relaxing scents like lavender, chamomile and vanilla are great to set your bedtime mood, but scents like tangerine are also good! I thought that would be an invigorating scent, but when you pair it with something warm and soothing like vanilla, it takes on a whole knew mood.

Seek out a bedtime mist, or stuff herbs like lavender and chamomile in a dream pillow, and tuck it beneath your actual pillow (or in the pillow case) so it releases natural fragrance all night long. Conversely, you could create your own blend and add it to an essential oil diffuser!

Divination Tool

Some kind of divination tool tucked by your bedside (or in your night table drawer) is great to have on hand right before bed. Pulling a tarot card before bed is part of designing yourself a nice sleepy ritual - one that you look forward to! You can do a spread before bed, pull out the card you want to draw influence from and keep it out on the night table throughout the night, a little spread in the morning - whatever makes you feel good!

The rhythm of the ritual here is what helps settle your body into an easy state, prepping it for dream time. When you can create this high vibe mood in your bedroom, your total wellness has the potential to skyrocket, because sleep is the time for your body to restore and replenish itself.

Developing a relationship with a divination tool (tarot, crystal readings, etc) can offer a lot of insight to your inner world, helping train and uncover your inner modern mystic. Reach for your cards for personal insight, or to draw inspiration, and reconnect to your womanness, your dreams and the magic that lies there.

I am crushing on this deck by Mesquite Tarot right now, and I looooove the gorgeous Luminous Spirit deck.