Gift of a Feather

We go through so many shifting and awakening events in our lives, and I always find myself asking openly for some kind of proof or support from the Universe, especially when times are tough. It's like I need some kind of authentication from the Powers That Be to know that I'm going to be OK and that this won't - finally - be the thing that does me in.

But as desolate or as hopeless as I may feel in that moment of despair, the Great Mother Spirit will always answer. And learning how she gives her clues will help you to feel reassured when those harried times find you, too.

Every time you see a feather, whether you are looking for it or not, know that the Universe is watching, and you are surrounded by angelic protection and energy. The Great Mother Spirit guides and watches you, so you can have peace in knowing that you are on your right path even when it feels like you may be straying. Or even when you feel totally fine.

I can't put a face to this energy, this angelic help, earth energy, or universal source, not like how I see the face of my mother when I wish a parent would console me. But it is the same feeling. It is that same soothing pat on the back that makes our chests feel lighter.

When you suddenly spot a little grey feather on the sidewalk in front of you, or see a light fluffy feather floating across from you seemingly out of no where, know in that moment you are not alone, whether you feel lonely or not. Take a moment to smile to know this.

Sometimes these little feather gifts mean, "I'm with you," or it could mean, "Remember this." It could mean, "I love you," or "Be aware." In the moment you will know what the message is. Once you know about this feather gift it will be hard not to feel soothed or tickled when a feather finds you next. And it will! They always do. Just keep your eyes open.

If you find an undamaged feather, pick it up. Once, I found one brilliant peahen feather and I couldn't leave it behind. I keep it tucked into my waft wand whenever I smoke cleanse my house and I'm always reminded of that intimate special moment I shared with the Universe. I keep another black feather between the pages of the book I'm reading as a little bookmark.

There is something so magical about a feather. When it is separated from its whole, it's so strange to think of the feather with clusters of other feathers attached to a bird - like a strand of hair. That thing little thing helps give flight.