How to throw a full moon ritual party

Moon gatherings are so powerful. My very first party launched me down this wild path, and connected me with a spirit family that has been incomparable ever since. We had wine, we talked about angels, spells, plants, reiki; we banged drums - pots and pans, lit candles, shared cool books and ideas... it was magical. It was really special. There is something really valuable about creating a safe place where you can share ideas, vulnerabilities, likemindedness, and celebrate just being young, healthy and alive.

There are so many ways you can have a ritual party - different themes, locations, attendees - but by coordinating it to a full moon, you harness the hypnotic and infectious energy that only the moon can create. New moons are a time of inward-reflection, but full moons? They're perfect for parties.



Invite your magical girlfriends over, but extend the invitation to a plus one or two per person. At my very first party, I was a plus one! There are so many people out there who are looking to connect at an experience like this, but they don't necessarily know where to go. Open the invitation list to the curious friends your friends are tight with. You'll make new connections, and cast a wider net for new ideas. At my first party, it seemed like we each had a different expertise in the spiritual world. And while there were some who would have said they had no expertise, they really did. They had stories, coincidences, or were feeling emotions in need of healing. Just hearing about others going through similar experiences as you, or thinking similar things, is ripening you for growth and connectedness. At my first party, we all benefited from being there, and from being exposed to each other. It was incredible. When we were all brought together, the energy was massive, and incredibly knowledgable.


At full moon ritual parties, there are often times of vulnerability. And while the overall mood may be full and celebratory, there may be some gentle moments of confessions between women that is best not to be repeated. Spirituality helps teach us how to be accepting in a vulnerable state, and this can really be hard for some people. Even talking about secretive things can heighten emotions. Harness your female power and create a bond that says, "I support you, I protect you, I am hear to listen to you, you are not alone." People who are invited often have something that needs to be expressed or expelled, and allllll those crazy cosmic forces that be might be sending them to this party for some serious release and healing.


Calling everyone over for a hangsies is one thing, but there needs to be a smidge of structure to your full moon ritual party. That may be having a group meditation, then having wine after, it could be a communal smoke cleanse and release session, or it could be cleansing a new home for your girlfriend with a welcome home ritual. Sound baths are also great. Have a bit of magical structure built in to your night, in order to harness the magical energy. This encourages people to open up, to ask questions, to share stories and to strengthen the divine feminine. You can chill and sip vino or snack on noshes after, but have something built in that is dedicated purely to those in attendance. It doesn't need to be long, just there. And hey, don't go crazy; you want a relaxed environment, not a rigid evening!

Another really great idea is inviting someone to teach something or offer a service, like soul readings, or a quick tarot sesh. Flame readings are always fun, or a reiki exchange!


This might be a no-brainer, but you want to host your party at night when the moon is shining bright in the sky. Doing it on the night of the full moon is best, but a few days before or after the full moon is alright too, as the moon's energy will still be abundant. The night of the full moon is, of course, ideal, but Rogue Wood Supply was designed to be a practical resource and let's be real: sometimes getting together on a Monday night for wine, appies, and a smoke bath isn't always in the cards. We have kids, jobs, school, and other things than can take priority. That's OK. Plan something that works for you and your friends, and start at dusk.

Having these spiritual gatherings once per month is an amazing way to expand your spiritual knowledge and to heal and grow. They can open you up to new relationships, new ideas, and keep you from waning through those phases where you don't feel as "in-tune" as you always do. The moon's phase is a great reminder to keep us accountable, and it also gives us incredible energy - which is amplified by the energy of those in attendance who support each other. Celebrate each other and lift each other up. We all benefit when we connect with one another. Happy moon gatherings.