Four most important Archangels

Angelology is something that fascinates me. There is a myth that angels fell in love with the daughters of man - which basically means they mated, creating half-breeds. The Angelic Hierarchy System can be confusing, but it's incredibly engrossing when you begin to investigate it. At the top of the food chain are Archangels. To begin, there are more than four Archangels you can work with, but these four are the most common despite many varying offers of Archangel names. Depending on where you look, you'll come up with about 15 different Archangels. They can be called upon at any time to assist you and would love an opportunity to work with us. Below are the four most important Archangels to familiarize yourself with:


Archangels are the highest rank of angels who are said to have stood before God as leaders of the rest of the angels, acting as messengers between humans and God(s). There is a supposed hierarchy, ranking Archangels above other angels. Their systems are said to be very militant in nature, as there are multiple rankings of angels, like cherubs, seraphim and fallen angels. The bible says there were seven Archangels who were the primary messengers, but there is some debate on who the actual seven angels were, particularly because a couple of the angels were once humans, supposedly transcending into angels. However, the four Archangels below are almost unanimously agreed upon as being four of whom were present before God, making them arguably the strongest of the Archangels.


If you're going to remember one Archangel, remember Michael. He is said to be the Leader of the Angels, and is one of the few angels to be actually named in the bible. He is often depicted with a sword and shield, making him a great and fierce protector. As a defender, he is always willing to come to your assistance if you ask him. I sometimes feel anxious while I'm driving - for no reason at all! - and I always immediately call upon Archangel Michael to protect me. My anxiety is instantly quelled as his presence is hard to ignore. And as part of a bedtime ritual, I ask him to protect me and my family and guard my house each night, and anyone else who happens to pop into my head at that time who needs him. Because Michael provides just that: protection. It has been said that in times of crisis, people sometimes hear his resounding voice speak to them as clearly as if he were in the room. Oftentimes, signs of warning come from our higher selves sounding in our own voices, but Michael's voice is distinctly not your own. If you're having any problems with staying strong or courageous, Michael would be the Archangel to call upon to assist you.


OK, I'm biased. Archangel Gabriel is my favourite angel as he came to me during my very first reiki attunement as my Reiki Guide. I work with him a lot and have come to recognize his very familiar energy. And in old scriptures, Archangel Gabriel was actually depicted as a woman! The only woman in the Archangel society. There is tons of debate on this, but in traditional scriptures - he was a she. And I'm standing by that. I've come to recognize his features as neither male or female, but both. You can address Gabriel either way; as he or she. Gabriel is often the angel summoned to work with those in the arts or communications as he is the great messenger and communicator. If Michael is the Protector, Gabriel is the Messenger. He is great to work with regarding any talent and needing help to strengthen and express that talent, particularly in any of the arts, like dancing, singing or writing. It is said that if Gabriel visits you in dreams or any other way - like during my attunement - there is an important and significant message for you from God or the Universe. Gabriel is great for emotional times and can be summoned if you need help following your intuition. He works closely with the Virgin Mary as he has a special fondness for children like she does, and is often present during adoption or birth. He is often depicted with the colour copper, so if you find yourself suddenly drawn to this colour, there is a good chance Gabriel is trying to work with you. Neat!


Archangel Raphael is the Angel of Healing. While he has strong whispers of suggestions when it comes to your personal health, he can also guide you in making medical decisions that feel right for you. For example, many people diagnosed with cancer often feel obligated to pursue chemotherapy and radiation as part of a treatment to heal themselves. But more and more I am hearing stories about individuals who feel guided to take another route, trusting deeply in the idea that these courses of treatment just aren't right for them. You can bet this is Archangel Raphael's guiding influence, urging these individuals to pursue a course of action for their health that feels right for them. Raphael is great to work with for anyone in a healing profession, be that a doctor, masseuse, naturopath or healer. And since Raphael has such a fondness for health, it is said that if you feel an urge to appreciate a beautiful surrounding, the way the wind sounds or how the leaves look in the morning, Raphael is with you. He loves natural things and really wants humans to get closer to nature and health. Raphael is often depicted holding a staff very similar to the caduceus (a symbol in the medical profession).


Archangel Uriel is the Angel of Wisdom. Fact: I once knew a guy named Uriel and he was the furthest thing from wise. He was the worst. Ahem. ANYWAY - if you're struggling with confusion or knowing your personal truth, it is said that Uriel can shine a spotlight on this for you as he "shines the light of God's truth" among those who ask for it. This can carry over if you're feeling stuck or uninspired, too. His wisdom would be a great assistance to you and might give you that missing spark that you just can't seem to come up with. Oftentimes if you've been struck with brilliant insight - that Aha! moment - Archangel Uriel might be at work, flowing his magic to inspire you. And calling on him may help you do just that. - get inspired! If you're studying, brainstorming, at work or trying to drum up a new project, he's your guy. Uriel is often portrayed as carrying some sort of scroll, a depiction of his knowledge, or with a flame rising up from his hand.

There is lots to know about Archangels, and other angels to study! I've covered the high points that I find interesting, and I encourage you to continue your research in angelology if you're interest is piqued. A good place to start looking is through Doreen Virtue, a leader in angel therapy. Good luck! What Archangel is your favourite?