The Four Insights Spread

I was talking with my core coven of women, and somehow we got onto the topic of how we each make decisions. Did our heads rule our decision-making skills? Our hearts? Our vaginas? Or was it our intuition?

As we delved a little deeper, self-analyzing and comparing with one another, we quickly learned that we prioritized things differently, unknowingly influenced by different parts of our selves. It was so eye-opening to realize a lot of my decisions were made with my intuition - that gut feeling I just can't explain. Conversely, knowing my GF ultimately let her heart decide what was best helped me understand her on a deeper level. 

But my head was in close second. Intellect and weighing options was also in my nature (Hi! I'm a Libra), which meant my head also had a lot of power. In comparison to my one girlfriend, my heart was prioritized dead last.

And yes, once coven-member made her decisions with her vagina first. Fist pump!

These four Decision Makers remind me of the four subtle bodies in which we need to seek balance: the thoughts or mental self, our emotions and feelings, our physical body, and our spiritual self. When one of these areas is out of whack, we're out of whack, because we are each a fine intricate balance of each of these  four subtle bodies.

While one area may lead or be more developed than the others, giving attention to each area - the head, heart, body/sexual desires (or vagina in this case), and spirit/intuition, we can help ourselves feel healthier and more in alignment. It can also shed insight into where we may be out of alignment.

Below, you'll find the Four Insights Spread!

A) This spread requires you to choose a crystal that you feel resonates with you. It can be a Power Stone, or a crystal you enjoy working with over the course of the month - or simply one you feel connected to in the moment. This crystal will be placed above the card that represents you (Card Number one), and below the card that mentions your intuition (Card number five). I've used Selenite above, as it is an aura cleansing stone that is particularly connected to the moon and femininity. The crystal separates you from the physical, allowing you to penetrate your intuition on a deeper level.


Light incense or burn your favourite herbs, and smoke cleanse your crystal and divination/tarot cards to set your sacred ritual. Once complete, shuffle your cards and cut them three times. Replace the deck back together. Draw five cards out in the manner above, flipping them all face down - so you can't see them! - to begin your spread. Flip one card over at a time, and digest the cards meaning to fully understand its position in the spread.

This spread offers you insight into each subtle body, specifically for the current situation in which you find yourself:


This card is drawn first and placed in the centre of the spread. It represents you, right now, in the present. It can shed insight into your current situation and how you're navigating through it as a whole. It will be the "theme" of the spread.

2. your head

Card Two crosses the top of Card One (the head) and sheds insight into your mental subtle body, and how it influences your current situation. How do you think? What's influencing your head and thoughts? This card can also offer what your head may "need".


Card Three is placed to the right of Card One, slightly crossing the centre of the card (the heart). It sheds insight into your emotional subtle body, and how it influences your current situation. How do you feel? What's influencing your heart and emotional self - or how does your emotional self make decisions? This card can also offer what your heart may "need".


Card Four is placed to the left of Card One, slightly near the bottom of the card (the vagina). This card reveals what your sexuality/body needs and what type of energy may be influencing her. 


Card Five is placed above Card One, and above your separation crystal of choice. It represents your higher self and the wisdom that lies there. Since we may not be as consciously dialled in to the insight here, this card may act as a "big message" for the Current Self/Situation.

I'm using the Mesquite Tarot Deck.