4 herbal blends to deepen your spirituality

It's my personal belief that there isn't much a really good smoke bath can't fix. Burning herbal blends is calming and soothing to the spirit, and it's one of my favourite ways to ease into the evening after my son has gone to bed. I light one of my blends, hold it while walking around the yard, letting the smoke waft over me while guiding my path. It rinses the day off me. It renews my spirit, especially when I'm feeling tired or frustrated from let's say, a stressful day or a particularly hard time putting Hawksley to sleep. It's also important to recognize smoke cleansing is not smudging, so please adjust your vocabulary accordingly.

Burning herbs is a great way to help connect us to spirit, teaching us how to stay mindful throughout our days by having some sacred time meant strictly for unwinding and reconnecting. To have a moment of intention. A moment to be alone, offering yourself a chance to check in and pay attention to what's there. Here are four herbs that are easy to blend with other herbs, and help you deepen your spiritual practice:


Sometimes called black sage, mugwort is a very feminine herb tied to the moon and womanhood, making it a great partner for ladies who like smoke baths. It is great to burn if you need to renew your connection to femininity. It has protective properties and calls out our female spiritual partners and divine femininity to bring us messages and wisdom to help us on our journeys. Thanks to its protective qualities, it is also a great herb to burn before a trip, inviting security and safety while we are away from home.


Lavender is a great go-to because it has purification properties, but also romantic and relaxing properties as well. Even dried, it is boldly fragrant, and its soothing scent can help relax you into a healing and meditative state. If you are looking to attract more romance into your life, lavender is the herb of choice to burn by your bedside. It is also a great relaxation herb, so if you are having trouble sleeping, ignite some dried lavender as part of a bedtime ritual.


Cedar is a staple in our home because the wood makes great kindling when properly seasoned - and we are a household that loves a morning fire to warm the house. The dried foliage is great for cleansing the home, particularly if there has been a bout of negativity, lots of fighting, or a sense of unease. The home's spirit and energy is vulnerable, and its health also affects our health as the home's inhabitants. By cleansing with cedar smoke you can help keep your home and consequently, your person, energetically clean and healthy. Cedar invites positivity and warmth into your space, too.


Hibiscus is very bold. It is quite dark when dried, very fragrant, and easy to light. It stirs up deep emotions within us, igniting our passionate side. Whatever you're fired up about, burning hibiscus can help propel your desires. Because of this energy is can also be used in romantic settings as an aphrodisiac to encourage passionate behaviour. If you have any personal rituals to help make yourself feel desirable and confident, cleansing with hibiscus is a good choice to add to your rituals.