Five practical ways to introduce your kids to magic

Kids are naturally drawn to things we've learned to forget or ignore. They have imaginary friends, are trying to figure out why and how they're dreaming, and probably love some repetitive cartoon featuring unicorns or superheroes. Encouraging our kids to hang on to these magical things in their lives is a great way to introduce them to spirituality and to keep their creativity working. So often we desensitize them and they lose these admirably charming traits. Magic doesn't have to be casting spells like the sisters in Charmed. Hollywood has definitely glamourized our ability to perform magical activities. Below are five practical ways to introduce your kids to magic:


I'm a big crystal advocate and I fully plan on letting my son interact with the crystals in my home. You've undoubtedly seen the little strings of orange beads around toddlers' necks when their cheeks are turning red from teething. These are amber necklaces! Amber is great for absorbing pain and is a natural antibiotic so the teething necklaces have become all the rage in helping kiddies through the teething phase. Introducing your children to amber necklaces when they're really young is great way to introduce crystals into their lives.


This is one of my favourites because my mom used to do it for me and my sister. At bedtime after setting a healthy bedtime routine, finish the night off by tucking the kiddies into bed and giving each of them a seed in their head. Touch the tops of their foreheads and plant an invisible dream seed, listing out a mini-synopsis of what their dreams will be about that night. "Tonight, you will dream about pixies and unicorns flitting through the forest in search of a magical gold horn..." I couldn't wait to doze off.


Gardening is incredibly special. It seems everyone has a story of watching their nana prune rosebushes or seeing a relative win a ribbon for the most luxurious tiger lily. The ritual of gardening, tending to it and watching it grow, then using it for our benefit is extra special for children. Imagine the first time seeing a bean split open and a tiny green tendril shoot out! Allowing your kids to get their hands dirty and encouraging them to help take care of the flowers and beans trains gentleness, patience and mindfulness from a young age - all great magical and spiritual necessities. Bonus! Give your children their own plant to take care of and encourage them to check on it.


Whether you're an avid yoga queen or beginning to learn meditation, allow your babies to watch you do this. I know, I know; this might be "your" time or they might disrupt you, but by encouraging Little Annie to sit with mom for five minutes, cross-legged and quiet, we're teaching patience and... meditation! It might be hard at first, but give them a chance. Your first time was hard, too, right? Kids love watching us and love being with us. Tell Little Annie she is only allowed to sit with mom while she meditates if she is also quiet. It's OK to talk during meditation, explaining what you're doing - remember, you're teaching your kids! You can also encourage your little ones to copy your yoga poses as well - kids love copying us anyway - explaining that this is how mom takes care of herself. Show Little Annie that she should want to take care of herself, too.


Or a magic box! Tuck fun things inside the magic bag or box, jewellery, family heirlooms, an old journal or even something of theirs when they were first born. Don't bring the magic box out all the time; reserve it for special occasions! (Many of us have "hope chests" or something of the equivalent.) Kids love special, magical things that don't come out all the time. Whenever my mom opened the tickle trunk and pulled our her old box of toys - that original Skipper doll and pink diamond cross necklace! - it immediately felt sacred. I would touch the Barbie more carefully, move more slowly and ask my mom all kinds of questions just imagining her as a small person. Don't be surprised if your mini-me asks to look in the magic box every once in a while. Bonus! Slipping new items in the magic box makes it extra exciting and new for your little ones

Kids don't only listen to what we say; they learn by what we do as well. There are all kinds of ways to introduce mindfulness, magic and spirituality to your little ones. How do you show your kids how to be more magical?