Five practical magic tips

The thing that gets me, is that we so often associate witchiness, wizardry or anything remotely related to the occult as spooky, weird or scary. But ancient spiritual practices were 100% grounded in practicality, and when people are uninformed (or making opinions without researching them) they immediately default to, "that's weird."

NOT HERE, my friends! Let's get super real with some of the practical spirituality behind some ancient, wise practices, and to top it all off, I'm going to call them practical magic tips, because magic is a beautiful word that shouldn't be shunned.

Here's something cool: We all have habits that we have adopted or inherited that point to - practical magic. Families often have traditions or ways of doing things that are unique to them. That's just like the secrets in a coven. The secrets in a tribe. A community. A coven is a family. A tribe is a family. That ritualistic spring clean? Practical magic. Wearing a special perfume on a date? Practical magic. Adding a couple special herbs and ingredients to your morning coffee just the way your mom did? Practical magic.

"Magic" isn't just about spells, belladonna, hexes and dancing naked under the moon. We need to start recognizing that the mundane parts of our lives - our habits and traditions - are actually some really cool bits of magic we have learned and integrated into our lives like they aren't anything special. But they are. Here are five tips to keep the practical magic alive in your life:


There is a reason why witches are associated with brooms. It's because those bad ass bitches clean the crap out of their little houses. The broom is a famously bold symbol of magic and for good reason. If a broom suddenly falls, clanging onto the floor - it's a sign that company is coming. Making sweeping a regular routine in your chores is a good habit, but by sweeping everything onto a rug that you can take and shake out outside is even better. Instead of dumping all that gunk in your garbage - keeping it safe and protected in your house - get it outside and out of your sacred space! Sweep all the gunk onto your rug and give that rug a beating while the sun is out and shining. All that dirt will mosey back into the earth where it is neutralized and rebalanced - the best thing for it and for you.

Conversely, if there are no carpets in your home, you can empty the dust and grime you swept up outside into the earth by bringing your dustpan outdoors after a good sweep.


As energy holders, crystals are amazing conduits for protection. Your home houses the most "you" energy in one place, and it can be an easy target for a person to psychically attack you through your home, sending negative vibes your way. When it is known where a place and person are, it's easy to send out negative vibrations their way and this is often done through a person's home. So protect your home! One of the best ways to do this is by placing appropriate crystals on your windowsills, securing them with an invisible energy field that crystals project to one another. Any black crystal will be a good absorber of negative energy.


Lemon is a great practical magic tool as it has phenomenal cleansing properties. If you're like me, it's not everyday you get down on your knees and scrub your floors. So when you do, why not make it extra magical? Squeezing a lemon into the soapy water you're using helps to remove blockages in the home by giving your palace a clean base. It energetically scoops up all the grime - physically and spiritually - that we bring in on us into our homes. It's also great to use to clean with in the washroom as that is where we perish all our waste. Think of it this way; we have one designated area that we go to, to release all the things we use up in our daily life that we have extracted all nutrients from. It's also where we go to cleanse and worship our own bodies to prepare them for the day or relax them. Don't you want that place as clean as possible? Yeah, me too. Washing with lemon cleanses all those impurities and leaves the room smelling fresh. Check out Meghan's research on the medicinal properties of lemon.


Our bedrooms are our safe haven. They are the chamber that holds, comforts and protects us while we are asleep and not alert. UM, that's a pretty important role for a room to have. When our rooms are messy our minds are messy. We don't sleep as well, and sleep is arguably the most important factor in maintaining good health. Our subconscious clings to all that mess while we attempt to recharge. Gross. A practical witch knows she has to make her bed everyday. "Why bother - I'll just mess it again tonight when I go to sleep," is such a tired response I don't even want to indulge it. You might have milk in your coffee every morning, too. That doesn't mean you're going to leave the milk on the counter each morning. Making your bed when you get up takes three minutes and resets the energy in your room. It maintains the room's calmness and allows you to have a place of retreat when you come home from your tiring day. So listen to your mom. Make your bed.


Not only are pets the epitome of what it means to have a magical friend, they're also incredibly helpful for the feng shui in your home. Some people just aren't animal lovers, and that's OK. But those of you who are know just how good it feels to come home to a furry little friend who is overjoyed to see you. Just by petting your pet we release soothing chemicals in our bodies that make us feel more calm and happy. Their movement through your home when you aren't there keeps the chi active and helps to keep your home feeling its best. Sabrina had Salem, Jafar had Iago, Harry had some owl - nearly every magical being had a familiar that was helpful to their magical and personal life. Sometimes adopting a pet isn't for everyone - or not feasible - but by just being around animals you can lower your stress levels and tap into their positive energy. Visit a shelter!

Practical magic lives in every household, and you may be doing ritualistic or habitual activities that are super magical without even realizing. Revisiting habits from your childhood is a good indicator of practical magic at work - things our parents or siblings did. It's not all spells, potions and charms - unless you count soapy water and lemon as a potion - which it is! Which practical magic habits do you indulge in?