Five plants to keep you company in the bedroom

The bedroom is the most important room in the entire home according to traditional feng shui, and feng shui expert Lillian Too. We spend one third of our lives asleep, so it makes sense that the room that houses our bed receive high rank by rich Chinese culture.

The bedroom is meant for one thing - well, maybe two - and treating our bedroom as a sacred space that we can retreat to each day is something we are totally obsessed with at RW. At the end of every day, we retreat to our bedrooms to recharge our bodies. It is the main space in the home dedicated to sleep and sex, and it should be treated as a sacred environment. There is a reason why it's called the master bedroom, right?

The bedroom is no place for televisions or computers - sorry! But there is another accessory that is perfect for the bedroom - plants! These natural air purifiers can improve your sleep quality, make you feel healthier just by touching them and looking at them, and they spruce up an empty space. Here are five amazing plants to help stimulate some feel-good vibes in your bedroom:



Chlorophytum Comosum

Don’t let the name scare you off! If you’re looking for a little bit of flexibility in your life, this is the plant you’ve been waiting for.

The spider plant tolerates moderate light. Keep it feeling happy and in the mood by watering it regularly and giving it the occasional misting to keep it’s leaves from turning brown at the tips.

But don’t worry, this plant will forgive you if you just so happen to drop the ball from time to time. Just don’t neglect it completely or your relationship is certain to end in disaster... Disaster as in death.

This plant also frequently produces and grows its own little spider ‘babies’. Small spider plants grow from the tips of shoots coming from the centre of the plant, effortlessly adding new members to your plant baby family. Cute.


ENGLISH IVY (Common Ivy)

Hedera Helix

This darling plant may just be the houseplant you’ve been dreaming about.

The ivy’s long, leafy vines spill out over the plant’s pot, leaving an impressive statement in your space. This plant is easy to grow. It requires moderate sunlight and regular watering. You won’t have to worry about the ivy taking too long of a time to warm up to you. This plant matures in length and fullness swiftly. 

The leaves of this plant’s tumbling vines can be toxic if ingested by children and pets, so consider hanging it from the ceiling in a plant hanger or up high on a floating shelf to ensure it’s out of reach of little hands or little paws. But if you consider your bedroom to be an adults-only sanctuary, this won’t be of concern to you!


SNAKE PLANT (Mother-In-Law’s Tongue)

Sansevieria Trifasciata

If your bedroom window is north or east facing, your space won’t give sufficient sunlight to some of the other bright light lovers that made the list. But don’t despair! Although tolerant of any sunny situation, the snake plant has the ability to thrive in extremely minimal sunlight.

I’m telling you, this plant is LOW maintenance.

Do you prefer to keep your bedroom dry? As a member of the succulent family, the snake plant can tolerate low-moisture environments. So if you’re the type of person who is more inclined to keep their bedroom on the drier side rather than humid, this plant is your soulmate.

If you have a tendency to forget to water your houseplants completely, much like a cactus, the snake plant’s leaves are wired to retain water. Let this plant’s soil dry out completely between waterings and you’ll guaranteed to be a dream team!


GOLDEN POTHOS (Devil’s Ivy/Vine)

Epipremnum Aureum

These babies take ‘easy’ to another level. They’re nearly impossible to kill. I promise!

Tolerant of pretty much anything other than direct sunlight, a bit of bright morning sun is really all the golden pothos needs the thrive. If your bedroom window is north or east facing, you’ll get along just fine.

The golden pothos can also endure cooler temperatures. If the thought of a warm, humid bedroom brings on visions of you ferociously throwing your bedding across the room and tearing off your nightie for a little night sweat relief... this plant totally has your back.

You have the option to let a golden pothos’ long vining leaves cascade down from the top of a bookshelf or trim them up to keep the plant in the shape of your preference.

The two of you are bound to hit it off if you let this baby’s soil dry out completely between waterings.



Ficus Elastica

Should having a snake plant in the bedroom consistently remind you of your mother-in-law in the worst possible way, perhaps a rubber plant may be a better option for you.

Similar to the snake plant, the rubber plant makes an attractive addition to any bedroom space. Avoid housing this plant anywhere it may feel a draft (vents, windows, etc.). Instead, choose to liven up a bright, breeze-free corner with this stunner!

Did you know that touching the leaves of a plant can calm you instantly? Keep this plant looking its best by dusting it’s leaves to maintain their shine. Incorporate a few more of those tranquil moments into your week by checking the soil of your rubber plant and watering it regularly when it has dried out.

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Nicole Ryan is an indigenous woman, wife and mother who owns small creative business, Cree Ryan. She enjoys curling up in bed with a good book, cooking plant-based meals and visiting greenhouses. When she's not chasing after her toddler, Van, she can be found watering her plants, rearranging her furniture or sneaking out on dates with her husband, Josh.