5 movies to spark your magical side

If you have a free day on your weekend, I highly suggest taking some much needed me-time and getting lost in a magical movie. Sometimes we can let our days get too serious, and we need a reminder about the magic that happens all around us - all the time. Don't watch another documentary that makes you feel wretched about life and about yourself (pregnancy hormones had me crying over two-minute animal Youtube videos - so exhausting). And you could probably use a break from watching that series on Netflix.

Take a mental TO and let a fantastical storyline take you somewhere else. I've made a mini-list of my favourite whimsical movies that I may or may not have watched all in one day. Whatever, it was 2012, it was blizzarding and I had a lot of laundry to get through. 


This is possibly my favourite movie of all time. Well, top five for sure. Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman make everyone want to be a witch - with seriously good long hair. The two sisters try to cover up the murder of Nicole's AKA Gillian's abusive boyfriend, and they give the lil crystal tiger's eye a shoutout in a famous scene. The visuals and potions in this movie are infectious - think overgrown rosebushes, spell books, belladonna and heartache. There is also a ridiculously good soundtrack that goes with Prac Maj featuring Queen Witch, Stevie Nicks herself. And if you don't want a Pina Colada after watching this movie - ya got issues.

So let's recap: Pina Coladas, Stevie Nicks, tiger's eye and a story about multi-generational sisterhood. Call your girlfriends and get the tequila.

*NOTE: It's actually Midnight Margaritas in the movie. But you can clink a margarita and pina colada for funsies while listening to Harry Nilsson's "Put the Lime in the Coconut".


Let me just say this: Jack Nicholson, Cher, Susan Sarandon and Michelle Pfeiffer. You can't ask for a better cast! And Cher needs some serious accolades for her acting chops. Not to mention my favourite instrument (dat cello!) has a nice role in this movie when Jack seduces Susan via sexual stringed instruments. It's so raw and so good! There is an unforgettable cherry scene in this movie, where one woman seems to... er... spew cherries non-stop when she suspects magic is at work. Jack Nicolson's character - the devil - seduces three best friends and they form an untraditional relationship all together. But, when you sleep with the devil...

So to recap: serious 80s perms, cherries, sex and girl power. 


Yes! Neve Campbell! Fairuza Balk! 90s heartthrobs that I love! Do you remember Skeet Ulrich? He's in The Craft, too. Three outcast friends love the occult and try to practice magic, but their efforts are for naught until the trio acquires their fourth comrad. Their magic becomes real once the unit is complete, but their lust for power begins to interfere with their friendship - as it will with magic and... as it will with high school girls. There is a crazy trippy battle scene in this movie that will make your skin crawl. Fairuza Balk is wild and crazy in this movie too, and in my opinion her insanity steals the show.

To recap: 90s school girl outfits, dark magic, young love and true friendship.


Sarah Jessica Parker anyone? She is actually hilariously charming in Hocus Pocus, your go-to Halloween movie as a kid (no? Just me and my little sisters?), and Bette Midler and Kathy Najimy are always favourites. Their hilarious cackles and broomstick rides are my favourite memories. And of course - SJP's unforgettable singing. When three witches are revived from their slumber, it's up to a couple of kids to stop them. Cutie-pie Thora Birch is also in this movie as one of the heroines, and so is an immortal cat if you're an animal lover. And even though it's over 20 years later, all three witch actresses want to make a sequel. SO IT OBVI NEEDS TO HAPPEN.

So to recap: super funny, medieval outfits, a young platinum blond SJP, and a black cat


This is narrated by Ian McKellen, Mr. X-Men and Lord of the Rings, himself. The guy knows fantastical movies. Then we have some Ricky Gervais, Robert de Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer again - sister is a wizard for sure - Sienna Miller, Clare Danes and more. This movie might be better for a younger audience, but it's definitely a guilty pleasure when you're staying in on a rainy Saturday afternoon painting your toenails. The premise is about a young man who promises his love that he'll go find a star for her that has fallen in the distance. He goes after the star and ends up on a magical journey.

So let's recap: great special effects, unicorns, a big boat in the sky, stunning costumes... and a star. WORTH IT!

There are so many great magically-inspired movies out there. I should make an honourable mentions list. If you have any you'd like to add, do let me know. What are some of your favourite witchy movies?