DIY Wild rose and coconut sugar scrub

I've been pretty vocal about the gifts hanging around Pleasant House on the Prairie. So far we've found wild flowering plums, wild hazelnuts, a green apple variety (it's looking like Granny Smith rather than the crabapple tree we originally thought), Red Delicious apples, and one of my faves - wild roses.

Wild roses are some of the most fragrant roses we can get our paws on. I have never smelled a rose sweeter than the wild roses that bloom throughout the prairies, and it just so happens that roses also have amazing properties that soon our skin. They are antioxidant rich, gentle enough for sensitive skin and super moisturizing. And they grow wild through much of North America.

I think a lot of us don't realize just how toxic some of the products we use on our skin can be. And I think we also don't realize how EASY it is to make really luxurious, natural products with so much that we have easy access to around us.

I find the act of making this scrub almost as good as using it. By slowing down, harvesting wild petals, carefully washing them and adding them to simple ingredients, it's easy to adopt a healthy and mindful ritual to making your own cleansing products. When we make things for ourself, for the purpose of nurturing ourselves, it is deeply grounding and therapeutic.

I suggest making this recipe on a slow weekend morning with your best slow drip coffee and maybe a little quiet folk music playing in the background. Check out my Botanical Grimoire to learn the spiritual and practical properties of roses and many other amazing plants. You can make this recipe with other organic plants and flowers such as peonies, lavender, garden sage or anything else you have growing in your garden.

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