DIY Sage and Lavender Fire Starter

Pretty soon it will be time to pull in the last of your garden herbs for drying and harvesting with the end of the season. But before I share how to dry those lovely herbs, make sure you don't toss those seemingly unusable stems - whether they've flowered or their stems have grown too woody. This little DIY is all about reusing and recycling and making your late summer and autumn bonfires easy and bug-free! I love sitting with my love or friends around the fire, playing guitar and sipping an evening bevvie. Thankfully, when sage is burned in a bonfire, it keeps those pesky mosquitos and other insects away. And when paired with herbs like lavender and mint (seen below) a really lovely fragrance fills the air.


• old tissue-free toilet paper roll
• dryer lint (yes, pull that stuff out of your lint catcher in your dryer)
• old newspaper
• jute or twine
• garden herbs (I used peppermint and lavender; other great options include oregano, thyme and rosemary)
• sage
• scissors


1. Stuff your toilet paper roll with a tiny handful of dryer lint. That stuff is flammable.

2. Press your herbs into the lint and through the toilet paper roll so they poke out of both ends (as seen above). You can use as much or as little herbs as you'd like, but using more sage helps keep the bugs away if you're planning on sitting around a bonfire.

3. Lay the roll on an old piece of newspaper and roll the paper around the roll, twisting the edges like one of those New Year's Eve poppers.

4. Secure the ends with a bow of jute or twine, which is burns nicely.

5. Place a couple fire starters in the middle of your fire pit and pile a neat arrangement of wood around the bundle. Light the fire starter(s) and watch how easy your fire catches. Enjoy your night - bug-free and smelling sweet!