DIY Gemstone Essential Oil Rollers

Essential oils and crystals are kind of like peanut butter and jam; good on their own, but even better together. I've always loved putting a crystal inside the roller to help transfer the crystal's properties into the liquid - so when you apply the oil, you're also applying the crystal's healing benefits. This is such a great way to work with crystal energy.

The only caveat? It can be tricky to get a crystal small enough to fit in the mini 10ml bottle. And sometimes the crystal does fit - but it can actually prevent the oil from coming out when you attempt to apply it. The loose crystal in the bottle can get stuck in the funnel that releases the oil to the roller ball when you tip the bottle to roll it on your skin.

But then... I found these gemstone rollers

The actual roller balls themselves are the gemstone. This is so brilliant because it allows you to transfer the crystal energy and oil properties into the skin in the easiest way possible - through the roller. The stones are polished, making them safe to apply; they're affordable, great quality - and stuuuuunning.

These rollers are from; they have 15 gemstone options to choose from, including Lapis Lazuli, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Aventurine, and more! You can also get the whole 15-pack like I did. 

The bottles come in frosted or coloured (including amber which helps prolong the life of your photosensitive oils). I also recommend getting this handy little (game-changing) tool, to help you switch out the gemstone balls. It'll make your life so much easier.

I love to wear aromatherapy oils for their healing and concentration benefits - I even like them for perfume! While I think essential oils are always better to use, I will use skin-safe fragrance oils when making a perfume, so I'm sharing a couple of my popular recipes for the rollers RW used to carry in stores, along with a few personal fragrance oil favourites of mine.

Got Oil Supplies sent me all the bottles and accessories I used to make these pretty healing oils, including this cute pink carrying case so they don't spill in my purse (or luggage), making it great to tote along with me to see my clients. And this Scandinavian-inspired wooden holder (above) is my favourite way to show them off.



This roller and crystal blend uses Clear Quartz, the Master Healer. It's great to use every single day to encourage inner transformation, healing, peace, and acceptance. If you are ever unsure which blend to work with, this is a great default choice.

Clear Quartz gemstone roller
• 8 drops lavender essential oil
• 4 drops peppermint essential oil
• 6 drops vanilla essential oil
• approximately 10ml clear jojoba oil

Note: I find jojoba oil (or sweet almond oil) are the best oils to use for rollers. Fractionated Coconut Oil is another popular choice, but the oil doesn't feel as luxurious, nor does it emulsify into the skin as well as jojoba or sweet almond. Play around with which oils you like best for your skin, keeping in mind the consistency and absorption of each oil.


This roller and crystal blend uses Amethyst, a stone that's great for rest, relaxation, and restoration. It uses the recipe from Hibernate Bedtime Mist - a popular favourite aromatherapy mist I used to carry in the shop. So if you loved that tranquil mist - you'll love this oil blend. Use this roller to unwind, or help you fall asleep.

Amethyst gemstone roller
• 5 drops vanilla essential oil
• 8 drops lavender essential oil
• 5 drops tangerine essential oil
• 1 drop jasmine essential oil (the luxurious secret ingredient!)
• approximately 10ml clear jojoba oil


This roller and crystal blend uses Rose Quartz, the eternal love stone. It's a great stone to use for love and romance; I've paired it with a potent aphrodisiac oil blend. It's great to use to get you in the mood! Apply behind your neck, under your breasts, and along your inner thigh/groin area.

Rose Quartz gemstone roller
• 8 drops ylang-ylang essential oil
• 4 drops cinnamon essential oil
• 3 drops cardamom essential oil
• 4 drops geranium essential oil
• approximately 10ml clear jojoba oil

Note: Before applying oils like cinnamon and cardamom, do a small test on your arm. These rollers use low concentrations of essential oil blends, so they should not irritate most skin-types. (All blends, however, are too strong to use on children.)


This roller and crystal blend uses Carnelian, a sunny, bright, happiness stone that can uplift even sour moods. It's a great support for anyone working through anxiety and depression, or even varieties of SAD. If you're feeling bummed and need a pick-me-up, this citrusy-blend works well behind the ears and on the inner wrists. Be sure to rub it in!

Carnelian gemstone roller
• 5 drops orange essential oil
• 4 drops geranium essential oil
• 6 drops ylang-ylang essential oil
• 5 drops bergamot essential oil
• approximately 10ml clear jojoba oil


This roller and crystal blend uses Sodalite, a great stone for promoting balance, and absorbing electromagnetic pollution (EMFs) that are in our homes and offices. It's calming, too, making is a great partner for daily needs or meditation. This is a gentle version of the potent Thieves variety, making it safe for skin.

Sodalite gemstone roller
• 10 drops clove essential oil
• 8 drops lemon essential oil
• 5 drops cinnamon essential oil
• 4 drops eucalyptus essential oil
• 3 drops rosemary essential oil
• approximately 9ml clear jojoba oil

Note: Always do a skin test before applying oils like cinnamon and LEMON! (I had a severe burn by using pure lemon essential oil on the skin to remove the sticky residue from a heart test. Test your skin if your'e unsure!) These rollers use low concentrations of essential oil blends, so they should not irritate most skin-types, but some are more sensitive than others.

DIY crystal essential oil roller recipes | Rogue Wood Supply


I used two recipes for the perfume rollers: 10 drops of Green tea fragrance oil (with a bright green Aventurine roller) for the GREEN TEA roller, and 7 drops Coconut fragrance oil, blended with 3 drops Fresh Linen fragrance oil - my secret perfume recipe - for the FRESH COCONUT roller. Since I wear the coconut roller daily, I paired it with an empowering female crystal: Lapis Lazuli.

I'm all for designing your own perfume rollers. I suggest choosing a crystal that you are drawn to, or by researching the properties of the available stones and see what calls you. You will still be using the crystal energy every time you apply the perfume roller. If your Power Stone is available - I highly recommend working with that crystal.

Want to print these minimalistic labels, too? You can purchase the Avery labels I used for these bottle, here, and download this free template to easily print the labels I designed, or customize your own! 

Don't have Adobe Photoshop? That's OK; you can print the jpeg version here.