DIY Crystal Beauty Mist

Using crystals in beauty products can be a really effective way to capitalize on a crystal's healing benefits. Our skin absorbs most of what it comes into contact with, and crystal energy is no different - especially when it's in the matrix of a liquid, like a toner, lotion, or serum. By combining plants and crystals into our beauty rituals we have the potential to continue the healing and transformative growth that crystals offer. Using these high vibe tools in our personal self-care rituals is a really easy and effective way to use crystals.

But! While crystals have amazing characteristics and varying energy, many actually carry toxic materials in them, like copper, aluminum or asbestos. So it's important to be careful and educated on what crystals to use in products that are applied to the body. Don't use any crystal that you like or are drawn to when it comes to beauty DIYs! Usually, most crystals in the Quartz Family are safe, and there are a few others, but it's important to know the mineral composition of the crystal you want to use.

With hormones, aging, and even moving energy as an intuitive, my skin has changed. My beauty rituals have been needing some TLC for awhile. I've been lucky enough to have grown up with a pretty clear complexion, but my skin got beat up after I had my son. It turned dry, sensitive and acne-prone along my jawline. Instead of motivating me to take better care of it, I feel like I gave up! These skin issues were unfamiliar because they had never been an issue for me before.

A when the conversation around self-care began getting squawked at - this grand marketing scheme by the beauty industry to encourage women to overspend on expensive beauty products or floral bath salts; losing the very core of what self-care really is about - I started to feel even more deterred from my usual beauty routine. And I think a lot of people started to feel similar; like we felt bad about "indulging" in things like this.

Was "self-care" just a vain, shallow excuse to buy potions and elixirs?

Here's why the answer is no:

We're in an age that has us pretty busy. Like really busy. There's constant busy buzzing energy all around us. And it's not that we weren't busy before in earlier generations. We were. But now, we're highly digital, connected, social-media savvy, and we never really shut off. Human beings need quietude in order to maintain health; in order to survive! That's why we - escape - to the cottage, or why we disconnect from our phones on the weekend. 

The idea of self-care exploded because we're all starved for something we never realized we needed because it was never an issue before now. Disconnecting from always being "on," and reconnecting to this sense of "quiet" and "personal connection" is something we didn't have a name or slogan for before, because it was something that was innately built into our lives. 

It's become hard for us to experience silence. It's become hard for us to disconnect from all the pressures of being so connected. And in this overwhelming hyperactivity, we've become disconnected from ourselves. This manifests as mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual illnesses.

Self-care is the movement aimed at inspiring human beings to reconnect with their inner world. It is something we forgot to bring with us as we entered our modern societies.

For me, reconnecting with my inner world is easier when it's done mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It's harder for me to improve my awareness of my physical self, and transform my criticism to acceptance. So if there are small steps I can take that help me reconnect and grow in this area - like making a slow, intentional ritual with my beauty regimes - then I need to embrace them and appreciate the opportunity for mindfulness that they offer.

They make me feel good, and that's OK.

DIY Crystal Beauty mist with Rose Quartz, Aquamarine and Blue Lace Agate | Rogue Wood Supply

Ever since having cancer in my late teens, my connection to my physical self has been distorted. I grew up very aware and respectful of my body, but I admittedly lost that connection and appreciation after cancer. I specifically remember smelling like coconut and satsuma all summer right before I was diagnosed with cancer, and it's hard for me to pinpoint many vivid memories about "unaware/innate" self-care after that.

So a couple weeks ago, I went to the Body Shop and bought the exact same coconut body butter that filled me with nostalgia of a simpler time. And I bought some coconut body milk, too, since my older skin needed it, and some tea tree oil to start paying attention to that jaw acne and underlying hormonal issue I should stop ignoring.

And just by allowing myself to feel good about my beauty rituals again - something as simple as slathering on rich moisturizer after I showered - I felt my connection to my physical self instantly change. I didn't need to rush through the experience of putting lotion on, or omitting it entirely because I was "too busy" with a toddler.

I could really feel the shape of my legs; my waist; my skin... I could actually pay attention to my self. Hmm. When did my but change shape exactly? Look at these battle scars from labour and surgeries from cancer. Wow, look at what this body has carried me through, allowing me to keep going...

I've felt this positivity trickle over into other areas of my life; downsizing my closet, donating the things we have in excess; unloading my plate of projects for others. It is helping me become more present. And I had no idea how much I had actually been ignoring that.

So I'm sharing my Crystal Beauty Mist DIY as the step I do before applying my face lotion, and maybe a more regular look at some of my other personal rituals in the coming posts.


When choosing which crystals to work with for DIY products, we first and foremost need to know which crystals are safe for elixirs (getting wet/coming into contact with other materials). Then we can look at the physical/therapeutic healing they offer, and then the simultaneous spiritual characteristics they have.

For this DIY, I'm using Rose Quartz, Aquamarine and Blue Lace Agate, all safe and not water soluble. There are many resources online for safe stones; cross reference your findings if you'd like to deviate from these three.

Here are the skin benefits that these stones offer:

Rose Quartz helps heal the entire body. It helps encourage a positive perspective of the physical self, and I think this is really important when we look in the mirror.

This mermaid-like crystal helps support skin healing, promotes hydration, and helps prevent acne. 

A dreamy periwinkle colour, Blue Lace Agate helps to heal irritated skin while detoxifying lymphatic tissue, helping your skin de-puff.


This toner is good for dry, sensitive skin. But even if you have excess oil in your skin, don't forget to tone and moisturize! After cleansing your skin, the pH balance still needs to be restored, and hydration should be reinserted into the skin. This is not a recipe reserved for us superficially dry folks! These gentle natural ingredients are helpful for most skin types.

For the other ingredients in this DIY, here are a list of medicinal properties and benefits each provides:

Hibiscus helps tighten and balance the skin's pH levels. This is very important after cleansing your skin. It also helps to slow down any signs of aging in the skin.

This Thayers specific blend helps hydrate, tone, and tighten pores.

Geranium essential oil helps treat acne and balances hormones and oil production. It uses a low ratio in this recipe as not to irritate the skin.

With calming, hydrating, and anti-inflammatory properties, NOW's E oil repaired damage such as acne scars or discolouration. It also helps to slightly prolong the shelf life of this DIY.

Moisturizing and rejuvenating, Aloe Vera Gel is rich in protein, calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamins A, B12, C and E, essential fatty acids as well as amino acids and skin rejuvenating enzymes. It is mixed with the EO and Vitamin E before becoming soluble with the hibiscus water and witch hazel.



• Handful of raw Rose Quartz, Aquamarine, and Blue Lace Agate
2 TBS Thayers alcohol-free Witch Hazel Rose Petal
1 tsp Aloe vera gel
5 drops Geranium essential oil
5 drops NOW E oil (Vitamin E)
• 1 TBS Hibiscus petals (you can also use a hibiscus tea bag)
• Spring water
• Glass bottle and mister (2 - 4 oz)


To begin, be sure your hands, work surface, and utensils are all clean. This will help ensure that you don't contaminate your batch with bacteria.

1. Scrub your raw crystals with a soft toothbrush to ensure there is no earth matter on them. Place them in a bowl and cover with spring water. Set the bowl in the sunshine for a minimum of one hour to charge the water, and to transfer the crystals' matrix to the water.

Note: Not all crystals are water-safe, and some contain toxic materials like asbestos and copper. Please don't use just any crystal for your crystal beauty mist. The crystals in this DIY are safe to use, with their benefits outlined above.

2. Place 1 TBS of hibiscus petals in a small bowl, and pour the Crystal Water over them to soak while you prepare the next ingredients (max half a cup of water; this isn't a huge recipe). The petals can sit for 5 - 15 minutes; the longer they soak the darker the Crystal Water will become. You will have left over Crystal Water, but use an amount in your Crystal Beauty Mist that will fill the 2-4 oz bottle you're using.

3. Place 1 tsp of aloe vera gel in a second small bowl, and add five drops of geranium essential oil and 5 drops of NOW E oil. Stir until combined.

4. Add 2 TBS of Thayers alcohol-free (non-drying) Witch Hazel in Rose Petal to the aloe vera gel mixture and combine. Add the red Hibiscus Crystal Water to the mixture, careful not to let any of the petals spill into the mixture. Stir until completely combined.

5. Pour your Crystal Beauty Mist into a glass bottle. To use, mist onto a cotton pad and swipe across your face after you've cleansed your skin. Follow with moisturizer.

Note: Due to the nature of the ingredients, this DIY will perish quicker than a store-bought product. Though there are natural preservatives in some of the ingredients, keeping your Crystal Beauty Mist in the fridge will prolong its life. Second best is storing it in a cool dark place.