Synchronizing your moontime with healing crystals

For many of us, our moontime can be a monthly blow that we never look forward to. Sometimes there are aches and pains, lifestyle changes, and even emotional... highs and lows. While others barely connect to this cycle, hardly feeling any side effects.

I don't remember a time where my period was "normal" or regular. I was late to the game in getting it - already having developed boobs and body hair - when finally, grade seven, I got my first period (on a school field trip to the pool - thanks powers that be!). It didn't return until well into grade eight, and I remember feeling grateful that I would be able to enter high school as a "woman" because I definitely looked like one.

But those periods? They were incredibly heavy. Like, keep a box of those orange extra supers in your backpack and switch after each class, heavy.

Why did I want this exactly?

Highschool brought a cancer diagnosis into my life, and while I was going through treatment, I had shots into my leg to prevent my period from coming at all. The loss of blood would have made me even weaker than I already was. And when chemotherapy and radiation were said and done... my period didn't really come back.

In my twenties, I tried the Nuva Ring, various birth control pills, the patch - you name it. My period was averaging four times per year (roughly one per season), and I was attempting to regulate it with birth control. But when I did regulate it, I would get very run down and sick because my body wasn't accustomed to having one so frequently. I feel like I had a chronic cold in college. Since I had cancer of the immune system, I needed to rebuild my immune system, and this constant period and constant illness was overwhelming.

One day I fainted in the middle of the street as I was running to move my car between classes.

Having radiation to my ovaries meant that I wasn't supposed to be fertile, but I was still nervous as I started having sex in college because without a period, you never know. And then Lena Dunham talked about the stuff that gets up through the sides of condoms on Girls, and I felt like all my concerns were finally voiced in film.

Not having a period is fucking stressful.

After graduating college, starting a couple careers and dating someone seriously, low and behold, I did get pregnant - even though I wasn't supposed to. It was tricky to determine when we did conceive since my periods were very hard to pinpoint. And after giving birth, the period game got even more confusing. Bleeding, healing, not bleeding, bleeding really weird, more healing, postpartum clotting, healing, not bleeding.

After my son turned one, I was positively terrified to get pregnant again. My doctor put me on a hormonal IUD and I haven't so much as thought of my erratic periods. They have stopped all together, which he predicted they would.

To be honest, this is sort of convenient for me while having a toddler, but it does make me feel slightly disconnected to my feminine side, and lacking that strong connection that a regular moontime and moon cycle can bring.

I know no one really likes her period. But by having a regular cycle (that follows the moon... I mean how cool is that, really?) we can practice good health, mindfulness and strengthen our intuition.


In my early twenties, I used to do motivational speaking in schools across the prairies, primarily for 10-13 year old girls. The anchor in my talks was expressing how "magical it is" to be a woman, because this thing that happens to our bodies - our periods - follow the full moon. In current times, with birth control and the health stresses of our modern world, many of us aren't synced up to the full moon anymore, but we used to be. The moon controlled the tides and it also controlled the fluid and hormones in our bodies. That's pretty cool. I tried to remind and empower these young girls that that knowingness and instinct many of us have, is because of our ability to have a period and be influenced by that super magical orb in the sky - the moon.

Periods are actually REALLY great. But regardless of what you think about your period, it is an opportunity to reconnect and check in with yourself while all your sense are heightened. Instead of thinking, "Great, more cramps and another headache," try to envision that your senses are being heightened, and you're dialling in to something - a sense of connection, awareness and spirit - that your body isn't used to because it doesn't happen every day.

Every period is different. Every woman's moontime will feel different from the next, but through crystal healing, awareness and practicing intentional living, you can sync up certain stones to keep on you for your time of the month. I've compiled a small list of healing stones that will work for different ailments, and I hope you find the one that calls to you.

You can use these crystals to actually help with some of the dis-ease you experience during your moontime, but you can also use them as amulets to remind you about the sacredness of being a woman. They can remind you of that bolt of intuitive connection you are gifted with each month (or whenever you get your period).


Citrine balances hormones and alleviates fatigue. It is a bright and happy stone that also draws positivity to you. Keep two in your pockets during your moontime, preferably one in each pocket to balance the flow of energy through your abdomen.


Moonstone is the ultimate feminine/moon stone. It eliminates fluid retention, soothes PMS and helps to regulate erratic cycles. Keep moonstone on you, or beside your bed at night during your moontime. It also promotes conception if you are trying to have a baby. Place one on your nightstand and your partner's night stand if you are trying to conceive.


Jet was a popular stone in ancient times, and it was traditionally used to combat menstrual cramps! If you suffer from intense aches and pains in your abdomen/pelvis, keep a piece of Jet in both your pockets, or your back pockets. Jet is a black stone and helps remove negativity.


Malachite is sometimes called the midwife stone as it resonates with female sexual organs and can help quell some of the stresses and anxieties that come with being pregnant and missing your period. It also helps with menstrual cramps and heals sexual dis-ease and frustrations. If you feel you are not enjoying sex (stress/anxiety or worry), Malachite can help soothe these feelings. Keep Malachite in the bedroom.


Labradorite balances the hormonal fluctuations during your moontime, so if you're someone who experiences big highs and lows, this may be the stone for your cycle. It also relieves menstrual tension and irritability. You can wear this stone as jewellery anywhere on the body during your moontime, or keep one in your purse or pocket.


Amethyst boosts production of hormones, helping to regulate your cycle. It is a bedtime stone, and can reconnect you to the moon's energy. But is also eases headaches, releases tension, and reduces bloating when used in crystal healing. Place Amethyst by your bedside or under your pillow to help reconnect you to the moon and regulate your cycle, or keep a piece in both pockets to quell physical pain.


Apatite heals emotional dis-ease, and encourages healthy eating and healthy habits. If you're a binge eater during your period, or find you break out a lot, Apatite is a great choice to keep you on track. It also brings more effective results of the other stones it is used with. Keep a piece on you during your moontime.


If you experience any pain in a specific spot, say period cramps or a migraine, (I sometimes hurt in my back, too) place a piece of Larimar on the painful spot to draw out the pain. You can lay with it for as long as you wish. Cleanse the stone afterward.