Crystals to help you through Mercury Retrograde

Since working through the Retrograde Project, this whole Mercury Retrograde dilemma has become a whole new ball game. While I'm still aware that things will slow down or require more of my focus, my anxiety around the few weeks of miscommunication has totally shifted. In fact, I'm usually grateful for the hiccups I catch with just a little more review on my part. If anything, MR has taught me to slow down, even further, to really process things around me.

I mean, I still seem to be getting epically autocorrected on my iPhone lately, but that's mostly just funny. Since I've been re-viewing, re-visiting, re-working, etc, a lot of my work and projects through this MR shift, I've been much happier with my final outcome.

I credit MOON + QUARTZ entirely to this shift, so when founder, Lennon Mara asked me to curate a few crystal pairing to help with this feared astrological phase, I jumped at the chance. Besides! I knew just what stones to work with, like carnelian and lepidolite to help me through all those communication projects on the go.


This combo helps you to exude charm and grace so you can really catch people's attention. It's governed by the communications field, making it a great choice for those of us who are in communications/blogging/writing/PR, or if you've got a big presentation during this time. It can make us more persuasive and even more concise. Maybe you don't use as many words, but under the influence of these stones, you just might not have to. Your body language, emphasis and examples may just do the trick.

These are all things I need when Mercury gets a little groggy.

I've grouped five crystal pairings, including carnelian and lepidolite for the MOON + QUARTZ blog, and if you're curious about the others, read my post to find your perfect match. This round of Mercury Retrograde ceases when Mercury goes direct on September 23.

I always say, Mercury Retrograde is about the re. Adding re to your weeks with this astrological phase can make is a little more manageable. Think, re-do, re-work, re-tell, re-learn, etc. When you re-visit that project you've been working on, and catch a vital error, Mercury Retrograde's incessant double checking doesn't seem so unsettling anymore. But there is so much more to MR than reviewing your work. Learn more about Mercury Retrograde here!